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A Deadly Girl
A Deadly Girl

A Deadly Girl

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Deaths hands swung by her sides as she could feel the grass below her bare feet curl up and die with every touch of her pale white skin. As she walked along the familiar path the grass slowly turned to dust. For as long as she could remember she had been walking this earth since the beginning of time. She was the one who saw the first rivers and the first strands of grass, yet she had never touched the flowing blue water. She had also never touched the colorful petals of a rose the grew every spring. As a matter of fact, she was very lonely and sad. Every living thing she touched curled up and died. She was the one who provided the crucial cycle of life, death. She was death, she was the one everyone hated the most. Although she could not blame them she was the one after all who stole the lives of loved ones. She was the one who could take away rivers with the touch of her hand.

Death continued to walk through the fields when a small bunny leaped in front of her. Its eyes looked around the field as it leaped down the path towards her. As the bunny slowly approached her she stepped to the side knowing that the bunny could not see her. No one could see her as a matter of fact, she learned that the hard way.

It was centuries ago when she was first assigned to this earth. She was playing in the dirt when she saw a small duck sitting on the sandbank of the Mississippi River. Not knowing that her touch could kill the small creature she held it in her hands as she watched its eyes closed and it head droop, and slowly the longer she held the poor creature it turned to a gray wisp of dust. It left with the breeze as if it had never existed. She was inexperienced that day and had no idea what her purpose was, but she learned quickly that hers was to retire the ill, the weak and the old. Hers was to make way for the new.

Regathering her thoughts she slowly followed the small creature across the field to where it gathered with its family. Their a small white kit with bloodstained fur lay in the corner of the hollowed log while its stomach rose and fell with pain and fear. Then as gently as she could she waved her hand over the small creature as she watched its eyes close.

Author Notes: I would love it if you guys could give me reviews please, thanks.

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25 Apr, 2019
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2 mins
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