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Deaf and Blind

Deaf and Blind

By mickeyette

Deaf & Blind: written by:antystacia monae mayfield an eleven year old girl

I woke up that morning feeling dizzy and almost seeing nothing and hearing nothing, my parents were standing there like a pair of statues and I couldn’t quite see there facial expression but I could see they’re figures like they were just shadows and that day right before everything went away the only words I heard were “ honey you are soon to be Deaf and Blind”. Deaf and Blind what did them words mean to me? Oh yeah them words bring back the most painful memory not really a memory but a flash back of what is was like being deaf and blind.

Chapter 2 : The doctors appointment

That day earlier I [Elisabeth Parker] had went to the doctor but of course their was that part where I had to stay out of the room and not be able to hear but now I didn’t even have a choice. That day when I was in the doctors it wasn’t for my hearing or my eyesight. It was for my shots but you know the whole routine where they have to check your eyesight and hearing. But as I was there taking my test it turned into an appointment of fear. I know that I was probably scared but I don’t know what for or why. I couldn’t be in there but I guess its to late to ask now. I mean now that I really have no apparent reason to live I mean now that I’m deaf and blind why should I.

Chapter 3 : There was nothing wrong

There was nothing wrong that day nothing that occurred to be serious. How did it happen. Was I just unlucky or even worse “destined for it” why did it happen to me that’s the first question people always ask when something bad happens Why , Why, Why is what it always is. The second question people ask is how , how did it happen to me. And the third is did it really happen. But none of the questions are in my mind right now none of them I actually have no thought in my brain and I can’t even really think. Who could think in a situation like this its horrible I’ve never done anything to deserve this but yet It found me. But that’s because I didn’t get a chance to hide.

Chapter 4: The Days at school

The days at school were cruel and sad, and for some reason there was nowhere to go anymore , no place to hide. I didn’t want to play at recess I didn’t want to do work. But the fact was I couldn’t. I had tried to hide my condition but I didn’t really know who was looking. I couldn’t hear who was talking about me. But through that whole day I never once had somebody guide me through the halls or to my classroom so I just stood there. Now I’m still standing here it feels like I’ve been standing here for hours and it doesn’t feel the same at all. It doesn’t feel like school It doesn’t feel like life at all. I would think people would be more sympathetic but you know the worse part about being at school. The worse part is that I don’t even know if somebody is standing right in front of me trying to say hi. I want to call home but I cannot move I cant yell for help. I never even knew it was possible to have a condition like mine. I have no advantage to this, I cannot learn sign language or read, for the worse part I cannot even talk. This is not a condition where it’s halfway to where I cannot hear at all, my condition is already there. I cant hear the loudest cry if it was right next me. I just wish that I could DIE!

Chapter Five: Cruelty

Today I learned that not everybody is all they seem to be. I thought that people were nice enough to at least be a little generous. My parents didn’t pick me up from school today. I mean why don’t they just through a gun at me and let me shoot myself. I could get hit by a car I don’t even remember where the side walk is. When school got out I was walking home or at least trying,{ it’s a good thing I memorize my block and driveway} I was pushed over by something after that they were kicking me and hitting me like I was a piece of junk. I know this sounds horrible but I wish they would’ve killed me!

Chapter Six:
I was in the hospital, but it wasn’t because of the incident it was for my condition. They took blood and looked at my throat to see if anything had caused my condition. Then after that they took x-rays and they suddenly found something in the picture of the cat-scan they decided to take of my head that I wished they hadn‘t . I guessed that it was just a thing like some that I couldn’t explain. Soon after, there came the horrible awful part of the doctors appointment where I had to be out of the room and I bet you could guess that my parents came out again with bad news. I didn’t know though because I cant see or hear. But this doctor was nice to lend me a machine that helped me hear. I didn’t want to hear this news though why hadn‘t they told me they had this stuff before oh yeah I forgot I cant hear. That day I’d learned that the doctors had found a tumor in my brain. Had I had CANCER!?

Chapter seven:
How could anything get any worse than it already was. If I had cancer I don’t know what else I would do. I had two options, I could kill myself, I could try to pull through until I got better but there’s a possibility I wont. And if I don’t then I will Die but I don’t want that to happen. There is no way to fix this. No way I could have been this bad to deserve this. How could this happen I hate to say this but I’m starting to think there is no hope for me.!

Chapter 8:

Why is it that when I feel my parents tapping me I think what for, what are they going to say? Honey we wish that you could see and here us? Well I’m sorry mom and dad but your wish is not my command this whole thing was and is not my command!

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12 May, 2011
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5 mins
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