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Dear Anxiety
Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety

bandgeek ShAwTy🖤
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Dear Anxiety,

You make me feel terrified of so many things. I was soon the quietest person in the room. When before I was the loudest. You forced my mind to tell me I wasn't good enough. You make me ask if my friends truly like me, whether my relationships are real, and if I am too much work to be loved. You make me feel like I am in a crowded room being suffocated. You pull out my memories from years ago and they turn into terrible flashbacks. You make me cringe about things I have said and done. Everytime I hear someone whispering I always assume they are talking about me. I am anxious about the future. Will I do this right? Will I be good enough? You make me have thoughts like my stomach pain could be cancer. Just thinking that makes my stomach pain worse. You make my heart race and soon I panic. You overwhelm me and I can't breathe. The heart palpitations you give me makes my chest hurt. It is like you took all of the fun away. You fill me with doubts. You make me feel alone. I am determined to not let you control my life. I will push you out of the door and change the locks. Go away anxiety I hate you.

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2 Mar, 2021
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