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Dear Attendance
Dear Attendance

Dear Attendance


Dear ‘Attendance’ -

I lay in bed and think of you

Woke up at three and dreaded - ‘it’s time’

It was three at night and I was dreaming

You are always on my mind - morning, noon or sundown

All I can talk about is ‘you’

I starve myself too

My immunity is zero but still I refuse to leave without ‘you’

You have become my only priority

I check and re check and then further ask around to confirm - ‘Did anyone register the punch?’

My moods dance around ‘you’

So be my lover and let’s make 75% together

There’s so much out there which I long to do

I have kept everything on hold just for ‘you’

I skip even my periodic eye check up

And I promise! - I won’t let anything else come near

Darling! Go easy on me!

Hurry up! Let’s walk hand in hand

And be done this time around

We won’t ever have to see each-other

Pinky promise!

But just this once - keep me warm till we have made it to 75.

Author Notes: Here in my country, there’s this thing with college and 75% attendance cut off. If it isn’t 75% , you can’t take your university exam.
And I’ve been chasing ‘attendance’ so that I can finally graduate but it seems as though, ‘attendance’ is so not ready to fall in love with me.

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29 Aug, 2019
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