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Dear Big Brother....

Dear Big Brother....

By sheafreeland - 1 Review

Dear Big Brother,

Its been 8 years now since you've officially left this world. Can you believe next month will be your 30th birthday already? I just fully wrap my mind around the fact you were only 21 when it i jus- just cant believe it yet. You're probably wondering how all the family's doing lately huh? Well Mom is leaving again. Shes heading back to Arizona for a while, her anxiety hasn't been the best lately and everyone thinks her leaving the state is gonna help her out i guess. Dads doing pretty good though! He got a couple job interviews coming up and he might be back working again instead of working on cars all day LOL! Big sis is doing okay i think? She got into another fight with her boyfriend but i think shes okay. She still works at the same job she always has and she got a new phone a couple weeks ago, but she wont text or call or really even hangout anymore but its okay since shes finally starting to get her life together now. Me though im going to be 100% honest with you right now, im not doing well. My boyfriend and i broke up and now hes trying to get back together and make it up but he made my life so bad last time i don't want him around anymore. My blade found my skin again..its fine though because it didn't attack as bad as it did last time. All of my teachers have moved me in every single class, i guess i don't pay enough attention to them so i guess i have to be in the front now. Anyhow i just wanted to keep you in the loop...I miss you and love you more then you will ever know. Ill see you soon big brother, bye for now.


Your best friend & little sister.

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13 Nov, 2019
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