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Dear Crush, You Have Distrupt My Cue
Dear Crush, You Have Distrupt My Cue

Dear Crush, You Have Distrupt My Cue


There should be a statue of limit on how long can you call your ‘crush’ as crush. Well, I had thought that by now, I would be over my this harmless infatuation. But it seems that each time my eyes settles on him, it begins all over again. I not only forget my surroundings but my insides go into conversation of their own -

Heart - We spy ‘him’

Brain - Shut up! Shut up!

Heart - What? We are totally cool!

Brain - Now here we go.

Hand - Brain! Could you help me here? I need to be steady, remember I’m holding your caffeine.

Eyes - Will someone listen to me? I can either watch out for the way or ‘him’

Heart - Who cares? Keep looking at ‘him’.

Brain - Everyone please! Just calm down and follow my lead.

Heart - Okay. What now?

Brain - Keep walking.

Eyes and Hand - That’s more like it.

Brain - We should have taken another route.

Heart - Heck ! No!

Eyes - Next time, we might get into trouble by stumbling into somebody else.

Foot - Laugh out loud. Dude ! we might.

Brain - I need to catch my breath.

Heart - Catch away.

Yup. That’s me. I know, I’m losing it. But surprisingly, the feel is so unsettling and happy. Now besides me, everyone who knows me are following him too. It all started with me writing only about ‘him’. And the fact that I keep talking about him kind of gives it away. I’m told how good he really is. Well! I know that. Don’t I? Or else I wouldn’t be crushing over him.

Although I had never thought that someone here at med school could be this warm and polite. As far as I have seen, that is rare to come by. I know it throws away the entire picture of physicians and compassion. But the truth is, most people are just rude irrespective of their place in this chain of health care. But him, there’s something about him which places him apart from rest. It’s hard to miss.

It’s not my obsession speaking but he does gives away that vibe of warmth and calmness which I fail to resist mainly because I’m all about chaos. My system is always at war with itself but watching him, they settle down and that is something which I had been running after since quite some time now.

He is so clueless about having this huge pretty unsettling happy effect on me. But if I could tell him, I would say -

You’ll get sick of me - of me writing you in my crude words,

You come in view,

And distrupt my cue,

Cue to not stare at you,

But i can’t help but drool,

As I drink on you from the corner of my eye,

Funny that is because I don’t have a great sight,

But my heart somehow manages to study you,

Those pattern on you,

Makes you look so adorable and cute,

And entangles me in between it’s lines and hue.

Author Notes: I had plans, plans to never go drooling over a guy with a stethoscope. But him in his coloured checks and plain shirts and white coat has beautifully disturbed my plans.

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31 Aug, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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