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Dear Crush
Dear Crush

Dear Crush


I saw your name,

And a smile flickered on my face,

I thought I’m going to see you again,

from way up that near.

I tried to shake away your image,

Standing against the table in front,

Talking something intelligible and beyond my comprehend,

I was in my head when someone else walked in,

A well presented literature with your name staring from the screen,

That was from week before when my hopes shattered with grief,

I still managed to read,

With my brain screaming - Why lord? Why? Why not him?

A new schedule came in,

With your name again plastered on the sheet,

This time I was certain,

It would you who will walk in,

So there I took the front seat,

In hopes of you coming to teach.

Minutes rolled into hour,

And some other department stepped in,

So there again went my hopes down the drain,

I hogged on caffeine to come out of haze.

One of these days; please do come in,

Even if it’s just to say,

How we ruined your evening.

I know you got your support system,

To take your place,

But all my heavy thoughts,

Awaits !

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27 Sep, 2019
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<1 min
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