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Dear Dad
Dear Dad

Dear Dad

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Dad never said he was leaving

That it would be his last time stepping foot in our house

Dad said a man is the protector of the house

But dad how do you protect when you left?

If men are suppose to be tough why’d you leave?

was it because of mom?

I miss when weekdays were just count downs to weekends

When I didn’t have the worry about what I was wearing every other weekend

I miss the days when mom didn’t call the police because you dropped us off 10 minutes late

Dad you know I get car sick

So why’d you move so far away.

Dad never said he was gonna leave

But dad you did

You did leave

And You left me

Remember we were a team.

Remember when we use to get pizza,

Sit in the church parking lot

And listen to music

Those are some of my best memories.

My life fell apart and you weren’t there to help me.

Remember being that picture perfect family?

Because I don’t

I don’t remember much of when you lived with us

Those memories have been scribbled over

And replaced with the day you left

And I didn’t know if I was ever gonna see you again

But I still love you

And I love seeing you.

When you left mom was always sad

She always was screaming.

And I could tell she was really hurt

I could see it in her eyes.

In that broken smile

And she would take her angry out on us

Because she had nobody else

she never hit us

But who ever said

Sticks in stones may break my bones

But your words will never hurt me

Was horribly wrong

Because I can feel the hurt in those words everyday.

fast forward 7 years

And I still see you

And I love you

And you help me through everything

and I love having two houses

And having your girlfriend in my life

But sometimes I wonder

What what life would be like if you stayed

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8 Apr, 2020
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