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Dear Daddy
Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy


Dear Daddy,

I just wanted to thank you for looking after me so well even though I`m not yet born. I know you already try harder than Superman. You wont even let mum eat sushi, but i need to ask you a favour.

WARNING: It`s about boys because you see, I will be born a girl which means by the time I am 15. the boys in my class will have called me a whore, a bitch, a cunt and many other things just for fun of course. Something boys do so yu wont worry. I understand that you did the same when you were trying to impress some of the other boys. I`m sure you didn`t mean anything by it.Still some of the people won`t get the joke and funnily enough it isn`t any of the girls. It is some of the boys.

So by the time I turn 16, a couple of the boys will have snuck their hands down my pants. Even though I say "No", they just laugh. Funny, right?

If you saw me daddy, you would be so ashamed because Im wasted. No wonder I`m raped when I`m 21. 21 and on my way home in taxi driven by the son of a guy you went swimming with every Wednesday. The guy who always told insulting jokes but they were, of course, only jokes so you laughed. Had you known that his son would end up raping me, you would have told him to get a grip, but how could you know? He was just a boy telling jokes and in any case, it wasn`t your buiseness. You were just being nice. But his son raised on these jokes, becomes my buiseness.

Then finally, one day, I meet Mr. Perfect and your so happy for me, Daddy because he really loves me. He`s smart with a great job and through the winter, he goes cross country skiing, three times a week, just like you.

But one day, he stops being Mr. Perfect and I don`t know why. Wait. Am I overreacting? One thing I do know, is that, I am not the victim type. I am raised to be a strong and independent woman. But one night, It`s just all to much for him with work, the inlaws and the wedding coming up, so he calls me a whore, just like you called a girl in middle school a whore once. Then, another day, he hits me. I mean I`m way out of line, I really can be a bitch sometimes but we`re still the worlds greatest couple and I`m so confused because I love him and I hate him and I`m not sure if I really did do something wrong. But then, one day he almost kills me. It all goes black even though I have a Phd, a fantastic job, I`m loved by my friends and family and am well brought up and nobody saw this coming.

Dear Daddy, this is the favour I want to ask. One thing always leads to another, so please stop it before it has a chance to begin. Don`t let my brothers call girls whores because they`re not. And one day some little boy may take it seriously and think its true. Don`t except insulting jokes from weird guys at the pool or even friends because behind every joke there is always some truth.

Dear Daddy,I know you will protect me from lions, tigers, guns, cars and even sushi without even thinking about the risk to your own life.

But Dear Daddy, I will be born a girl. Please do everything you can to make sure that that won`t stay the greatest danger of all.

Author Notes: Very Sad

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4 Oct, 2016
Read Time
3 mins
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