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Dear Daddy,
Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

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(Age: 7)

Dear Daddy,

Where are you? It's been a few months since I have seen you. They say you have us away, but I know you wouldn't do that. When are you coming back for us?

(Age: 9)

Hi Daddy,

I heared you ran from the law again. I hope you're ok. I learned how to ride a bike today. Aren't you proud of me? Daddy, when are you going to bring us home? I miss you. Thank you for the money you sent me a few years ago. I know money is tight, so please take care of yourself. We're ok up here, but I'm glad to have some toys.

(Age: 10)

Hi Dad,

I'm really having a hard time right now. I was out in homeschool because I was bullied. I don't remember the self defense you taught me. We watch wrestling though, and I put one in a choke hold for it. Are you proud? They said you almost killed a girl again. Are you still a smoking alcoholic on drugs? I wanna come home with you. I haven't heared from you since I was 8. Life isn't what you think it is here. I was happier back home with you. All my friends left me this year. They won't told everyone lies about me. What should I do?

(Age: 12)

Hi Dad,

I'm growing up fast. I even got a boyfriend, but he dumped me last year. Does it always hurt? I'm going into a school again. They just opened up. I don't plan on making friends though. Is that a good idea? I don't wanna get hurt again. Are you ever coming back for us? I'm still holding on for you. Did they talk you what happened so far? I heared you aren't in jail amymore. Does that mean you'll come back to us?

(Age: 13)

Hi Dad,

Are you getting these? I've been sending one when I can. I miss you daddy. I made some friends this year. I meet them in choir. I hope I'm a good singer. Everyone seems so good at it. I don't talk about you. It's hard to without thinking you may never come back. When are you coming dad? I'm already going into highschool. I meet these cool guys I like. They seem like goofballs, but there really nice once you meet them. Mom came by again. She's tryin to freeload off us. She even had me backed up in a corner, and when I tried creating distance she said I hit her. I promise I didn't. When can we talk again? It's been a few years. I miss you.


Hi Dad, I'm almost 15. I'm taking my classes and I decided to be a teacher. Are you proud? Is this the right place for me? I'm told I'm good with kids and have a mom vibe. I'm even taking childhood development this year to learn. Am I doing everything right? I know you aren't coming back. I've only got 2 years left before I leave here and make a living for myself. I heared you ran into mom in Texas. Are you still there? I wanted to find more about you, so I looked you up. I can't afford anything yet, so I haven't really found anything. I heared you can get people to find your family. I won't hire anyone though. If you don't want me around I understand. I miss you daddy. I really do. Please let me know you're ok. I learned your full name and that I have relatives on your side. I wanna meet them some day. I wanna show them what amazing daughter you made. Do you ever miss me? I miss you every day. Be safe daddy. I can't send these anymore. I know you aren't getting them, but I still like to think you do. I love you. Please don't forget me.

Author Notes: Daughter and father relationships. Even though one goes away the other still waits.

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12 Aug, 2019
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