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Dear Daughter,

Dear Daughter,

By Sailordaye - 1 Review

Dear Daughter,

My name is, well, mummy. Gia really, but that's what you call me. Do you remember me? I can remember you as if it were yesterday.

I hunger for your tender voice that sends waves of joy down my spine. I long to hear that voice again, the voice calling me "mama", oh how I beloved those days of comfort when i saw you, in real life, not just my longing fantasies. It was May of 2000 when we wistfully departed, but I will see you again my daughter, I will. You were perfect, anything a mother would have dreamed of having. You were one of kind. I was forever envious of your long, blonde hair that glistened in the sunlight as you pranced in the long summer days. You loved the smell of the fresh daisies, and the glow of the sun, and I loved, well you.

The day had arrived. No one was expecting it, not even Papa, not even me. The day of torment and distraught, a day never forgotten. You were only six years old. A young, innocent six year old. I constantly question why this happened to my sweet, fragile daughter. It was an indescribable nightmare...

Nana called me that day, inviting us to lunch, which was rare so we went. Me, Papa, you and Theo. We packed up our things and travelled to Nana's. Our beautiful family all together in the alluring Byron Bay. Sadly though, who knew it would be the last? I blame myself for what happened after, and you would too. I wasn't paying attention to you, my gorgous sun kissed girl, I am forever sorry. You were mad at me. I was mad at you, over such a silly thing. You angrily stomped off after the heated argument and where you went is a mystery, but where you ended up, I remember that like it was yesterday. The sun was blaring along the coast of the sea, a mesmerizing day it was. You had been gone a while and papa was worried. I did not pass any remarks and lay back sunbathing, when really I should have been a mother and gone looking for you. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours. It was starting to get dark and it was then that i was worried about you. I sent your papa out searching for you so that I could take care of sweet Theo. 13 chilling minutes went by, and not one was spent preparing myself for what I was about to face. Papa came back soon after. Tears streaming down his face. He carried a small body in his tender arms that were shaking like a leaf. The body was weak and frail. It was not moving. It couldn't have been you, but yet it was.

The tranquil sounds of the Kookabura looking for their chicks echoed in the clear night sky. Sometimes I feel like a lost bird, looking for my chick. You, my love, are the lost chick. The words of your father saying "she's dead", play like a broken record in my head. Those chilling words haunting me at night, sending shock waves down my spine. I felt your soft hands for the last time that night. I kissed your head and cried over your wet body, that had been lying in the bitter lake for hours. If only I had gone to look for you sooner, maybe things would have turned out differently.

I wonder what you would like now. Would you resemble your mama or your papa? How I long to know. Your eyes still flash before mine. Blue like the ocean, bright like the sky. You were a dream my angel. A dream that sorrowfully ended. I hope to see you again my dear. Although I can't see you, I can hear you. Your sweet, angelic voice telling me everything will be alright.

You have sister. She was born a few years after the accident. Her name is Eva Sophia. Her name means life. She knows all about you, and she loves you too. We all do. Theo remembers you from photos and wishes he had his friend back. Papa misses you every day and Nana, well I hope you two are having fun up there. We all miss you my beautiful girl.

I love and miss you my darling Sophia,

Love Mummy x

Author Notes: This is my first ever short story so I know it is probably not the best but I tried. So take the time to read it, I hope you enjoy. It is very short sorry

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3 May, 2018
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