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Dear Depression
Dear Depression

Dear Depression

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Dear Depression,

We met about when I was about 12 years old. My best friend died and silence slowly crept in. As life kept going it felt as if you were disapearing. Little did I know you were just lurking around the corner. You were waiting for my happiest moment to knock on my door yet again. Life soon went from bad to worse. I started trying to fight back. I stopped opening up to people. I don´t know where to turn or who to turn to. You put me through hell and back. You were there everytime something good happened. It´s like you wouldn´t allow me to smile. Im trying to get help. I go to a psychiatrist. I am trying to open up. I just don´t know how. I haven´t opened up to anyone in a very long time. You have always haunted me no matter what. I feel a guilt and a sadness in anything I do. That´s the thing about you depression, you creep around masquerading as guilt, sadness, or some other emotion. I am tired of this feeling. You saw your opportunity and you ran with it. You lead me straight into quicksand and the more I tried to get out I sunk more and more. I put my feelings behind me to help my friends. They know it is hard. They tell me they know something is up. I just don´t know how to tell them what is really wrong instead of saying ¨Oh, I´m just tired.¨ I try my best with the fight that I still have left, but Depression you make life so much harder when you lurk around each and every corner. You take advantage of me when I am most vulnerable. That is unfair. You knock me down but I will always jump back up. You can´t control me forever. I will not allow you to. I will take back control of my life. Regardless of how long it will take. I am strong and I will beat you will beat this battle. I will win.

Author Notes: There is a lot more to this letter but I don´t really know how to share the rest of it. Leave a review!

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1 Mar, 2021
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