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Dear Diary: The Joy of Jehovah Is My Stronghold
Dear Diary: The Joy of Jehovah Is My Stronghold

Dear Diary: The Joy of Jehovah Is My Stronghold



Dear reader, this book is about a man named Andrew Johnson he used to be a nice kind Christian man but when his father dies he refused to believe in god and starts caring only about himself until he gets cancer and makes right then dies

Chapter 1. Why Me

Dear Diary,

Today is May 31st 1995, My father just married a woman without any warning... I wish mom would have came back... why did she have to leave... why me why did I have to be the kid who's mother ran away and left him!!

Chapter 2. Why now

Dear Diary,

Today is June 30th 1995 my father was just tested for cancer and it came back positive, he starts kemo next week, why did he have to get cancer now.

Chapter 3. Goodbye For Now

Dear Diary,

Today is September 30th 1995, I haven't written in 3 months because forgot you here... we went to stay with memaw in Alaska. I can't keep writing so goodbye for now.

Chapter 4. I remember this

Dear Diary,

Today is May 17th 2005, It has been 10 years since daddy gave me this... who would have thought you were up here in the whole time, well I will write later right now I am heading to church.

Chapter 5. Goodbye Daddy

Dear Diary,

Today is August 28th 2005, daddy is in the hospital he has been here for 2 weeks they said he only has 2 months left but am praying every night for him to survive his sickness.

Chapter 6. It can't wait

Dear Diary,

Today is August 30th 2005, Daddy is cancer free God does still answer prayers I have no doubt that God is watching over me and listening to my prayers.

Chapter 7. Does God Really Care

Dear Diary,

Today is November 14th, 2005, daddy just died, the cancer came back... It makes me woner if God really cares about me and my daddy and step mother.

Chapter 8. God isn't Real?

Dear Diary,

Today is May 02nd 2006, I can't believe that a "loving God" would take away my father as an angel when he has trillions of them already. I Hate God Now!!!

Chapter 9. I am what

Dear Diary,

Today is February 07th, 2017, I was just fired from my job, my wife divorced me, my car was stolen, and my aunt died I am a "selfish, overworking, careless, richman" as everyone says anyway.

Chapter 10. Father like Son

Dear Diary,

Today is March 24th 2017, I was just dionosed with cancer and have 12 months to live... And want to fix all wrongs I have done to everyone so that I see my father again... tomorrow I plan to go to church with mom to make her feel better about me passing away soon, I doubt I will like it though.

Chapter 11. I Started a Bible Study

Dear Diary,

Today is April 20th and I have started a bible study with one of Jehovah's Witnesses... They are not like how people said they were at all... people say they brainwash people... if that is true then my brain needed to be cleaned of all the bad things I was doing. I can't wait to see daddy in paridise.

Chapter 12. I Understand So Much Now

Dear Diary,

Today is July 20th, and I have finished "what can the bible teach" soon I will study the questions to be able to become an unbabtized publisher then a baptized publisher... I can't wait.

Chapter 13. I have never been so happy

Dear Diary,

Today is December 23rd, I get to be baptized next month on the 4th, I never thought I could be this happy.

Chapter 14. It happened

Dear Diary,

Today is January 4th 2018 I am now 33 years old, and am now babtized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses... And still have cancer... But now I know that the Joy of Jehovah is my stronghold, This is the last thing I will ever write, I can't wait untill the reserection day when all people in every land will know that Jehovah is the one true God.

Chapter 15. The End

Andrew Johnson died Febuary 10th 2018 with a new found hope that changed hus life for the better, I wrote word for word my great uncle Andrew's diary as a story for all the world to hear. Thanks for reading my book!

Author Notes: If you wish to experience the same joy andrew felt vist (or dowload JW Library)

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