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Dear Diary
Dear Diary

Dear Diary


Sunday, 02/05/1999 : Today I opened my eyes for the first time. Light poured into my precious inoccent eyes, happiness filled my little heart. Everything was perfect for those first five minutes. If only it had stayed that way for the rest of the day. She wasn't strong enough to continue living. I had used up all her energy.

Monday, 14/06/1999 : Today is a special day. Today I heard my mothers singing voice for the first time. It was the most beautiful I had ever heard. Father started tearing up. I guess he misses her a lot. I never knew her but she seems like the best person ever, according to how father had described her. I wish I knew her.

Monday, 02/05/2003 : Today I turned 4. Father apologised for not being able to spend the day with me, he had to save the world. He actually just had to go to work, but he sounds cooler if he were a superhero. Laura, my babysitter snuck her boyfriend into the house. They went into my room and locked me out, leaving me to sleep on the couch.

Thursday, 23/07/2008 : Father was supposed to come home from his business trip today, but he's not back yet. Adam, my new babysitter grabbed me and tied me up and tried to take off my clothes. I freaked out and kicked him until he blacked out. I didn't know what to do so I hid in my secret hiding spot until he gave up on finding me and left the house.

Wednesday, 22/8/2010 : I asked father if we could go on a vacation together, and I told him it was good for him as he was getting stressed over work, but he yelled at me and said no.

Friday, 27/05/2011 : Today at school the information about who I like that I had entrusted with my only friend was echoing around the school halls. Everyone was laughing at me and making fun of me. I can't believe she'd do this to me, I trusted her. I have no other friends, and I don't think I deserve friends anymore. I can't trust anyone anymore. You are all I have left.

Friday, 02/05/2014 : Today I turned 15. I made a cake for father, but he slapped me and told me to go away. I tried giving him dinner, but he pulled me by my ear, and threw me out. He told me it was my fault that mother died, and that I was good for nothing and that I should die. I believe him. You, my pen and paper, are my true only friend. I can tell you anything, unlike the girls at my school. I'm truely sorry because I have to go.

"Thud!" A muffled sound came from outside his dim office.
"What now?" He muttered angrily under his breath, storming outside, "that stupid brat needs to die." Arriving the front porch, he looked around for what caused the sound. His eyes widened with shock,
"No.. no this can't be happening.. No I take it back I'm sorry sweetheart come back," he ran towards the girls limp body, tears pouring down his wrinkly face, "I take it back.. I love you.." Clutched in her hand was her diary, full of pain caused by him. He drove his only daughter to suicide. She had jumped off the roof.

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5 Jan, 2018
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