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Dear First Crush
Dear First Crush

Dear First Crush

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Dear First crush -

I was busy crushing over Cruise

when you had walked in

You sweet and serene

like a picture in dream

And caging me in it’s bubble deep

When you aren’t looking

I stare at your figure still

I try my best to avoid asking you to punch

because you are beginning to scare me a little

And You make me so nervous

That I fail to get my words straight and clear

Looking at your face makes me forget - to turn away my gaze

I have watched you in shades and checks and cream

But never before without your apron clean

Even your hustle makes you look so fine like a time aged wine

And each time I hear your voice

My heart threatens to burst open

But somehow I contain it inside

Watching you stand tall early morning

Is my favourite sight

Although my vision is this poor

My eyes can find you from far and behind

And Now even your gait feels so familiar

The laugh in your voice gets my face flustered and I blush

I love listening you make your name so explicit over the other end of the line

Noticing anyone else eyeing you makes me kind of jealous 😀🙈

I tell myself - Chill ! He doesn’t even know you exist let alone look at you

So dear first crush if you do find me hooked on your view

Please don’t get offended or hurry somewhere else

I can’t help but to freeze you in that look

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11 Jan, 2020
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1 min
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