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Dear Future Self
Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self


Dear future self,

Thinking about the future is hard. It can be overwhelming because it is a lot to handle. But as of right now, I want to graduate, go to college, and become a nurse. When I was younger I went from wanting to be a dancer to a teacher, and then to a doctor. Once I got older, I wanted to be an Occupational therapist and I was stuck on that for years. Looking back, I could’ve been any of those things if I didn't let myself down about it. Every time I thought of a new career I thought ‘you won’t do good’ or ‘you really think you can do that?’. Jason Reynolds said; “ this letter ain’t about making it, because I don't know anything about that.” That made me realize that it is okay to fail or make mistakes and not get it right away. That is okay. I want to go to college and become an RN, but that could change. Another thing Jason Reynolds said that stuck out to me was; “we are angles with crooked halos and secondhand wings.”. Showing we aren’t perfect and we can show that. I am not 100% confident in my hopes and dreams because they will probably change.

Dear future self, it is okay to be unsure of what you want to do. To leap and see where you land. I hope you get to complete your dreams and hopes for the future. It doesn’t matter that you “make it”, it matters if you are happy and safe.

Author Notes:

The video I refer to in this writing.

Let me know what you think!

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23 Sep, 2020
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