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Dear Girl
Dear Girl

Dear Girl

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Dear girl

You can’t fight me

My powers so strong your Kryptonite can’t stop me

Watch as I take over your life

Your body

I’ll turn your days into games you can’t win

Only I can;

I am the winner

I’ll always be the winner.

You are no longer yourself

Once I take control

I will become you

And you, will become nothing.

And if you think for a second you will get away from me

I will Lear you back in by reminding you of reality,

That you are nothing…

You are to only be drained of life and thrown away

But yet you won’t decompose.

Just do it already.


They don’t love you.

They never did.

Dear girl,

Don’t speak because your words have to value anyway

You are a waste of space in this body.

in this life .

The life that used to be yours.

But it’s mine.

it’s all mine.

My word goes from now on,

so take note.

You will not speak unless spoken to,

You will never do anything to stand out of this crowd,

You will cover this hideous face when you go out.

And You will count each and every calorie,

that you had weakly let through your body.

Dear girl,

You will not let them know you aren’t only broken

But Your shattered

And no amount of glue or tape you use will

put you together

Dear girl,

You can’t be fixed.

You are a mistake.

A nuisance to society.

So Just give up

And give in

Love your best friend

-mental illnesses

Author Notes: you don't have to but, I just started writing and I would love if you wouldn't mind to give me a few tips or critique any of my work!

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11 Mar, 2020
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