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Dear Ken

Dear Ken

By K.Z.fine

Dear Ken
It took me a while to figure out about. Mom and dad are keeping secrets from me again. I never knew you but I saw the gift you gave mom. Mom liked you better then uncle Cory. You gave her a ladybugs charm it was very pretty. She never let's me touch it. Who knew that nana wasn't papa`s first wife. So I guess nana is mom and uncle Cory mom and nana is your stepmom. Funny I just learned all these things. You must have knew about the discernment between papa and your mom. I'm sorry if it hurt you but God will help you. I started writing stories and songs. I even made up a code name it's k.z. fine.Nothing to big. When's your birthday? Listen even though I never knew but if I did I bet we would get along. Don't worry about your sister she married my dad he's nice and funny. She had me, my brother, and my other brother. We live in a big house and have a kitten. Mom told me how you died. She said that things got really hard on you. So you brought a gun and killed yourself. I'm not sad cause I never knew you. I'm glad that I'll see you in heaven. 
Your niece 

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18 May, 2014
Urban, Psychological, Religious
Inspirational, Sad, Offbeat

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