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Dear mom, I'm a stranger?
Dear mom, I'm a stranger?

Dear mom, I'm a stranger?

ZackKade :p
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Dear mom,

You say you love me.

You say you support me.

You tell me it's okay when I'm sad.

But now you tell me you're sad.

But why?

I know you had a hard life growing up.

But why?

I come to tell you who I am.

You tell me it's a "phase."

You tell me you went through the same thing.

But why?

If I have felt this way my whole life then how?

How is it a "phase?"
How am I not me?

You said you loved me.

You said you supported me.

You comforted me when I was sad,

but now you say I don't exist.


tell me really,

Do I matter? Really?

Because YOU said that if I changed to a boy you would lose me.

You never lost me,

I've always been a boy....

just on the inside.

I want to stay close, so don't say you lost me

if you haven't yet.

Author Notes: This would be like a letter to my mom. When I turn 18 I am going to transition (ftm) but for now I am actually a girl. :(

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Kade :p
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29 Jan, 2021
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