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Dear Steven,

Dear Steven,

By LiveandLove21

Dear Steven,
I know 'you didn't mean to' but you did it. You don't know how hard it was on me. For so long I hid it from everyone but the people that were there or that I thought wouldn't tell anyone but it didn't really work. There were so many version of the rumor. People even went as far to say you raped me but you wouldn't know that, not that it would have mattered if you did. I wish you never did it but I know you not fully right in the head, not like it gives you a right to have done it. I understand that you didn't think anything of it but I felt so violated. I know you got fired because of my friends telling the principal. I didn't want to tell on you even though I knew it was wrong what you did. You were just 18 or 19 I didn't want my parents to find out one of the teacher's kids molested me. I didn't want to press charges against you but you would have not gotten into a lot of trouble, if I did. Your step-dad would have told you to plead momentary insanity. You need to know what you did made my life a living hell. But even after all of that I actually nee to thank you for showing me how truly strong I am. I never thought I would but thank you so much. You helped and harmed me, you taught me an important lesson. You taught me to be strong and you taught me that I don't have to live in fear that it will happen again. Also that if it did happen again I would not be scared to stand up and fight back. I would press charges and not care because I would be strong enough to do it unlike with you.

Be Careful,

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30 May, 2011
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