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Dear Tears; Let This Be Our Last Kiss
Dear Tears; Let This Be Our Last Kiss

Dear Tears; Let This Be Our Last Kiss


Hey sweet mate!

You love me like no one has ever done before,

You sneak upon me when I least expect,

And steal away my heart’s joy,

Making my eyes swell and cheeks red.

I love my smiles,

Don’t you?

Look at my state,

I have nothing much to share,

So do us both a favour,

And leave me at my pace,

Please break up,

And let me for once act like a deserted lover,

Swore! I won’t call upon you,

I beg thee - let me be whole again.

You see how it troubles,

when it’s past midnight and you refuse to let go off,

I shiver and hug myself,

But all in vain,

Because your hold so iron clad,

Perhaps that does make you glad,

But all it does is break my soul,

Each time I decide to not let you come nearby,

You rush and hug me tight,

I can’t take it anymore,

So please, let go,

And let this be our last kiss,

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21 Jun, 2019
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