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Dear You-Part Seven
Dear You-Part Seven

Dear You-Part Seven

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Dear You,

I have thought about this a hundred or so times, it is the thing that keeps me up at night, and day dreaming at work. It is the thoought of messaging you, I have several scenarios of what I would say in my head. Written and erased on my eyelids late into the night, never making its way to my mouth or fingers. What would you do if I were to message you?

My first scenario is a simple message of;'How are you? It has been a while.'

My second;'I miss you, how about a cup of coffee?'

My third is the best one but the hardest by far;'I am still deeply in love with you and I was wondering if you still had a smidge of feeling for me. Maybe, if you do we can talk again?'

This isn't even as hard as the first time I gathered the courage to kiss you or ask you on a date for that matter. None of this should be so hard but I think it is because of what we said. I want you to know I am sorry and even though you probably will never see this it feels good to get it off my chest.

I should probabaly get some sleep. I will tell you how scenario four goes, written on my eyelids.

Forever and Always yours

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27 Apr, 2021
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