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Death By Heart Break

Death By Heart Break

By ifonlyheknew

She wakes up on a shining, spring April day. She continues to sit and wonders where her boyfriend is. She starts to think and come to a conclusion that he might be on Skype. She opens her laptop to access Skype. Turns out that he is online. She video calls him and invites another friend into the chat as well. They continue to chat for a little bit. All of a sudden Antonio says, "Kayal, i know and believe that you love me with all your heart and i love you to. This is really hard for me to say, and its took me awhile to take the courage to confront you about it," Kayal starts to smile hoping that she think that he might ask her to marry her, "I don't think i can do this anymore; we never see each other enough in order to keep my love for you still standing," Kayal starts to stop breathing, " You don't try hard enough, i know you might think different; but it shows." Kayal whispers, "That's not a funny joke Antonio, you scared me." "Does it look like I'm laughing?" Kayal instantly stops breathing. She turns off her mic and starts to cry. She continues to cry for hours. The next day Kayal is not at school. Antonio starts to get worried. Day's start turning into weeks. Antonia calls the friend of hers. "Hey Ethan, do you know where kayal is? I haven't seen her in a week or so." "Well what you did to her who can blame her?" "It was just a joke. I didn't mean anything serious to happen. I was going to tell her that I didn't mean it on Monday, but she never showed up for school. She hasn't been to school for a while and now I'm getting worried." "I just don't know, i guess you're going to have to get to her on your own." The next day Antonio walks to Kayal's house. He got to her door step with a bundle of red roses, a teddy bear, and a box of chocolates. He rings the doorbell. Her mother opens the door and looks at him surprisingly. "May I help you? I'm in a lot of pain right now, and not in a good mood to talk to people." "I'm kayals boyfriend. is she here?" "Haven't you heard?" "Heard what?" "She killed herself." Antonio stops breathing. He says with a very light faded tone, "Do you know why?" "I don't know exactly why, but she wrote this before she died." Antonio died inside as he took the note from Kayal's mother. He grabbed the note and began reading; It read, "If I can't have whom i love, then what is life worth living? He was my one and only, and I'd never have thought I'd come to this. I love him with all my heart. But if he wanted this i wanted to make him happy, even if it coasted me life. I love you Antonio." Antonio breaks down. He gets home that night. And never makes it to the morning. The cops found a note that read, "I'm so sorry, but if I can't have you in my life anymore, then why is life called what it is? I love you and this way we can have all the time to be happy with each other I love you Kayal."

Author Notes: Jokes aren't always what they seem.

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About This Story
5 Apr, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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