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death glass

death glass

By becky15

Have you ever wanted a life were you were in charge? Well take a swig from a death glass and you'll get your wish!

Joey Cartell had everything he wanted and more, but Joey wasn't satisfied with everything, he had to jump that little bit further and ask for the greediest thing he could. Control over life its self.

Joey was playing with his PS3 in the living room on a loney, monday night, his parents had gone on a buisness trip to scotland and wouldn't be back for a week. Joey's idea of a wild time was sticking his dick in between slices of ham and wanking over the hottest girl in school. The hottest girl in Joyes school was Chloe Pastor she had bright blonde hair that bounced every time she stepped forward and beautiful blue eyes that sparkled in the right light and breasts that curved her body like an hourglass. One day while at school Joey had dreamed a little too vividly and had ejaculated in his pants over her, she had heard about this and labelled his as a creep, perv and a loser. Joey was bent on revenge so on an average, cool, calm friday evening Joey had decided to spy on Chloe through her bedroom window, she had her boyfriends company so she obviously was naked from her top half, Joey was stunned as her 32 D breasts were lose and from what he could see her nipples were hard. Joey could also see her boyfriend Brents dick, Joey had gathered that she was giving Brent a BJ, Joey had gotten horney by this and un-zipped his pants and started to wank over the sexual activity. About an hour later Joey had fiinished filming Chloe and Brent at the point of chloe giving her body away and then the next day Joey posted the video anonomysly on their school website and he had emmbedded the video with a virus that would block any way into taking the video down. Chloe knew who did this anyway and since Joey had ruined her relationship. popularity and life she decided she would ruin his however becuse she knew Joey loved her she decided to invite him over her house but when Joey got their Chloe had hung herself in utter shame and Joey had killed himself in guilt three days later

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26 Oct, 2013
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1 min
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