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A deep dark ride through loves past.

A deep dark ride through loves past.

By crazeybabii14

Love is a fight. You get a few chances to get back up, but on the last try,you just stay down. You think that love is worth fighting for, but its not worth crying for! At the end of every love situation, there comes a tear, and tears only lead to more fear.You start to realize that every step you take, is a step into the future that can not be held back. Every tear you cry is a leak back into the past, every thought is a rememberence of what he had put you through. They always told me that it take more muscles to frown then to smile. It takes another breath to live in doubt. One step at a time your leading yourself back into missery, you live in fear because you think that no one will be there to catch your fall. At first it feels like your breath has been taken away from love, but at then end it feels like your breath is taken away from brokeness.Love feels like heaven, but hurts like hell.Love is a ride you explore but dont want to leave because you know there is no way to get back on. Love is a battlefeild you can not break out of, it is more of a shell you can not break open.Everything depends on hope in love. You pray to god that love can only get worse from where your at in life but then you hear a voice saying that everything is worth fighting for, even when it keeps knocking you down. The last words from your mouth is spoken from your heart, but the last words from him is spoken from his eyes. Looks can be decieving, so dont always look to fast. But then you ask your self what is your deepest fear. We know that it is not that we are inadequate and we will not be obliterated into the night but our deepest fear is that if we get off of love, it will be hard to get back on. Love has its now, and it has its then. Now is more of a fear...then it leads to more of a guess. So, the morell of this is to never be easily inlove, but to be hardly mistaken.
-Joeneisha Austin & Mykayla McHugh

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24 Mar, 2011
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