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By Patrick Mullen


Clayton was your average town in your average city, nothing very much happened in the quiet suburbs of the hick town. Clariss Hausa was your average rebellious sixteen year old schoolgirl, although there wasn't much to be rebellious about as nothing ever really happened in her life. Clariss lived with her mom, dad and younger sister Jenna, a real daddy's girl, but Clariss never really got on with her father, probably because the two of them were so alike. Her love for her dad had faded as she had gotten older, she despised him.

It was a Wednesday morning in late winter, the sun's heat was merely tickling the blankets of snow that covered almost everything outside. It was a cold one. Clariss was awake and started to get herself ready for school. She hated mornings, she hated school and she hated living in this fucking hick town, she wanted more for her life and was counting down the days till she graduated, so she could get the hell out if it. Clariss switched on her music, metal was her only escape, her go too drug when things got on top of her, mainly the arguments with her father, usually about her attire, or her make-up or just some random shit that he felt the need to argue about. Sabaton’s wolf pack echoed out of the tiny but powerful speakers to her phone, as she headed in to the bathroom to wash.

Clariss, came the familiar bark from her parents room, turn that shit off, it's far too early to be listening to crap like that. Clariss shook her head and ignored him and closed the door behind her. That fucking kid of ours her father said in distaste to his daughters actions. After Clariss had finished washing she made her way down to the kitchen. Jenna was up eating breakfast and reading her book whilst slurping on the last of the milk from her cereal. Morning Clariss, she said in her patronising way, which in turn was met swiftly by Clariss's extended middle finger and the words bite me. Oh charming Jenna said, your so sweet. Clariss ignored her and hit the fridge for some orange juice and pop tarts.

By now time was getting on and the two girls had to rush to catch the school bus, which was due in ten minutes, and it been almost a ten minute walk to the bus stop they knew they were cutting it fine. The two sisters didn't speak a word to each other on the walk down, instead Clariss had her headphones on and was vehemently humming the opening riff to Slayer's Angel of death to herself. Clariss was still feeling angry and pissed off at the world, she seemed to be hating everyone and everything at the moment. But she didn't care, she had plans. Nobody knew her secret, and she wanted to keep it that way.

The sisters only just made the bus, they had to run the last few strides before the driver closed the door and drove off. Jenna sat with her school pals as usual, giggling to themselves about how weird her sister was and that she looked like a freak, Jenna just laughed it off as per usual, it seemed easier that way, although she did feel some small amount of empathy for her sister, I mean it couldn't be easy been the freak in school, in such a shitty small town too. Clariss sat at the back in the last empty space, she crossed her legs and showed her black stockings that accompanied with her Dr Martyn boots, was enough for the other students to turn and stare. But she was used to it. She would have her day soon enough, and the fuckers will all pay.

Clariss was the last to get off the school bus, she was in no great rush to get to class, she hated all her class's, she hated the school, she hated most people in the school, but beyond any shadow of a doubt, the one person who she hated the most was her father. She loathe him, and wished him dead everyday. Clariss smiled to herself as she knew the time was coming. Retribution at its finest.

Clariss and Jenna’s parents were busy tidying up the house. Right I can't do any more I'm going to be late for work, Frank (Clariss's dad) worked as a real estate agent, he wasn't very successful at it but he made enough money to get by. Frank kissed his wife goodbye and left the house for work. Throwing his jacket in to the back seat of his car, Frank turned the ignition on and tuned his radio into the news channel, a ritual which he performed five days a week and sometimes on a Saturday if he was doing overtime. He sat staring out the window of his car for a few moments while his brain engaged in the local headlines. Police are still on the hunt for the missing bag of guns from the raid earlier on in the week. Two Hispanic males have been arrested in relation to drugs offences and the possession of unregistered weapons, however a bag of weapons and ammunition thought to be in the possession of the assailants have gone missing, the police are still investigating the incident.

The next door neighbours dog barked and brought Frank out of his daydream, he hurriedly buckled his seatbelt and left the house for work.

Clariss decided to skip her history lesson, she was done with the industrial revolution and the rise and fall of the Romans. On her way out of the study hall she passed a small group of other teenagers, all giggling and joking about. One of them Stephen Jenkins turned to Clariss as she was walking by, shouted out to her, hey freak why don't you come over here and play with my dick, the group erupted in to a fit of hysterics, Clariss was not amused. She could feel her cheeks burning with embarrassment and she was all but ready to cry, she never used to get so emotional over such trivial remarks, but something had changed inside her. She was evolving.

Clariss ran out of the study hall, tears streamed down her cheeks and blurred her vision. With her bag on her back Clariss left through the rear entrance of the school, she was less likely to be spotted by teachers by going that way. Through the fields at the back of the school, Clariss trudged through angrily, she hated her life, hated what had become of her, hated been the victim.

The holdall was stashed under a pile of rough brambles, she tucked it right in at the back a few days earlier. It was by luck she came across the find, and had done so whilst skipping gym class, she found it tossed to one side by the old railway line. Clariss hauled the heavy bag out from its hiding place, it's dark blue fabric dashed with splashes of mud and old dead leaves. Clariss knew who the bag belonged to as it was all over the news but she didn't care, they were hers now.

The entrance to the school was relatively clear, there were only a handful of students lurking about, some were sitting on the grass, whilst others were busy chatting in small groups. Clariss kept her head down and walked towards the door. She knew most of the students would be in the lunch hall and that is where she was heading. Clariss kept her hoodie up and her eyes down toward the floor, she dare not make eye contact with anybody as she was already nervous enough and didn't want any distractions.

Frank was sat as his desk going over the paperwork for his latest sell when his mobile had began to ring. It was the school asking him to come in as Clariss was found to be bunking off her lessons, Frank was not happy at all. That fucking daughter of mine, he grimaced and informed his less than happy boss that he had to go to the school to sort his daughter out, and begrudgingly was allowed to do so.

Clariss headed for the girls toilets adjacent to the lunch hall, she needed to get her shit together. Luckily enough for her it was empty. She made her way in to one of the cubicles and locked the door behind her. She was glad to get the bag off her shoulders as it was a dead weight and was making her shoulder ache. Running her hands through her hair, she took some deep breaths in, trying to compose herself, trying to make sense of all the hate that was swirling around in her head. Was she really that messed up, the little voice in her head reacted with such venom that it startled her. The door to the toilets swung open and Clariss could hear two girls giggling together as they walked in. Clariss kept quiet and listened, she was waiting for the two of them to go, instead they were in deep conversation about Larry Jones, one of the seniors and somewhat a hit with the ladies. Clariss thought he was an asshole herself. Oh my god, did you see the abs on him, yeah I know came the reply, my panties are wringing wet just thinking about him. The two girls burst out giggling to that remark before leaving the toilet. Clariss waited for a bit to make sure nobody else was lurking around the corner.

Frank pulled up in the car park, he was savage with anger at his daughter’s shenanigans and pissed that he was called in from work to deal with her. He made his way up through the main entrance and headed towards the offices. Frank no more wanted to be there than his daughter did. The corridors were busy with other kids going to and from class, or heading to the lunch area where he expected the majority of students would be at this time of the day. A nice looking brunette held the door for him as he walked through, Frank thought to himself, Damn girl your fine, he knew these feelings he had for younger women were wrong but he didnt care, they were just feelings and it’s not as if he had acted out on them, well he tried to convince himself of that one.

Clariss put the two straps of the bag over her shoulders, her palms were moist and sweaty and her heart was all but pounding out of her chest. This is it Clariss, she took one last look in the mirror and blew out a lung full of air. It’s now or never.

The door to the toilets swung open and hit the wall behind it with a thud. Clariss stepped out and looked to her left. Some students were mooching around at their lockers, too busy or not caring enough to look over at her. She walked over to the doorway to the lunch hall, it was packed with students, just as she thought it would be. Clariss pushed the handle down and walked in.

Frank was waiting by the principal's office for somebody to acknowledge that he was here and wanting to see the principal. Fuck sake he muttered to himself, he was not a happy man. A geeky looking boy walked past him and Frank asked him did he know where the principal was, his reply was probably in the lunch hall, he pointed the way with his finger as he was walking away. Frank headed in the direction of the lunch hall.

The chatter of people talking and dishes clanking only angered Clariss even more. She stood in silence waiting for somebody to acknowledge her. When she heard the scream of somebody saying, Oh my God, Clariss looked up, she had the devil within her. The clack clack clack of the assault rifle resonated off the walls to the hall as students of all calibre where running in every direction. Two had been killed instantly with Clariss’s first shots. She felt powerful, she felt good. Turning towards the back of the hall she could make out the fuckers on the bus, Clariss turned and raised the gun again. A shower of bullets pelted the small cluster of people who were left in sight of her, she smiled as she saw one of the bullets go straight through Annie Jackson’s eyeball, she never thought that such violence would have given her such a good feeling.

As she opened fire for the third time, it looked like everything was going in slow motion, it was divine to say the least. Nerds seemingly fell graciously as their insides were turned to pulp, their bodies bouncing off the floor like some hypnotic ballet dancer, the Epson twins with their arms wrapped tightly around one another, crying, pleading, begging for her not to do it, slumping together on the floor, they came in to this world together now they leave this world together. Clariss laughed as James Fountain, one of the local asshole bullies came marching over towards her, his chest puffed out like some demented pigeon, Clariss stop this now he screamed as he was getting closer. His head erupted in to chunks, bits of his skull shot across the foyer and pebble dashed the sweet counter. Clariss watched as a bloody clump of raw brain slowly maneuvered its way down the glass to the floor. Fuck you came her reply.

Frank hurriedly walked towards the lunch hall, swarms of bloodied and crying students all scrambling to get to safety were bumping in to him making it difficult to get by. He launched himself in to the doors to the lunch hall to see what the fuck was happening. Clariss turned towards the door to see who was coming in. Her father stood in the doorway, silent at the carnage that was in front of him and the look of horror on his face when he clasped eyes on his teenage daughter. Clariss’s eyes were black, like the pits of hell themselves. She stared at him, motionless, her breath burning her lungs with every fresh inhale she took. Clariss, came Franks command, put the gun down, it’s me, dad.

Clariss glanced down at the assault rifle, its barrel still hot to the touch and held with a wrestlers grip in her hands. This is your fault she whispered under her breath. This is your fault. Clariss repeated that line over and over again getting louder and louder with each spitting sentence, you made this, you made me who I am today. Frank’s hands were shaking, and the look of disdain on his face painted a picture. He knew that he had done wrong, he knew that he should not have abused his daughter, but it was too late for sorry now. Clariss, i’m sorry, his words stumbled out of his mouth as he tried in vain to reason and justify with his daughter. Clariss walked forward raising the gun at her father. Frank fell hard to the ground as the bullets had cracked his ribs and punctured his lungs. Tears welled up in his blood soaked eyes and for a moment he was unable to see. Clariss stood over him barrel pointed at his head and pulled the trigger.


The sound of the shots could be heard down the street, it wasn't long before the armed police were on scene and storming the lunch hall. The shouts of the officers telling the girl to put the gun on the floor had shocked her even more. She did as she was told and lay on the floor, hands behind her back. The crippled face of her father's destroyed head lay beside her in a bloodied mess. The girl, holding two hands to the opened wound to her chest, rasped desperately for air as blood swamped her lungs. Tears streamed down her face as she coughed in agony. Jenna looked at her sister and whispered the words i’m sorry.

Paddy Mullen.

Author Notes: This story may ring true to a lot of people

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21 May, 2019
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