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[&] Delinquents PART 1

[&] Delinquents PART 1

By TheDeathcoreDemon

''Emotions and senses fail, meditate and maybe this god awful town will fuck off and you will be back in your cosey little apartment....''

''Na i kid, my name is Mordecai, weird name i know, thats what my 'parents' called me after i was born, wish my mother hadn't died giving birth to me though, cause the father of this degenerate soul got his ass killed whilst trying to mug some poor bastard, oh how young and aspiring people are these days...''

''Although i do like to meditate though, keeps my mind clear of all the shit that happens in life, cause ya'know most stuff that happens in anyone's life is normally pretty gay, people my age if they get bullied might off themselves and be put on ''bullycide''....dumbass motherfuckers, if they got a problem you deal with it, just not in a suicidal sorta way, that way my friends (and whoever the fuck is reading this) is what i like to call the codardo way out, for all you dumbfucks who cannot speak any other language besides gibberish 'codardo' is Italian for coward... I guess i should stop rambling and give the second narrator bitch to do his thang so...narrator...start narrating...jesus...''

As The moon shines bright through the misty fog the heavy rain comes down harder than a sack of shit, Mordecai is finishing polishing his weapons....Mordecai, I've finished narrating?

''Huh? Oh, sorry captain obvious i hadn't realised you had finished giving your crappy statement on what I'm doing..punk ass motherfuck-''

''HI KIDS, yeah hey ya'll whats up, that retarded asshole whos narrating every thang apart from my monologue type bits, his name is Nocturne just so you know, he likes the dark, so i don't know whether that motherfucker is emo, goth, or some shit like that, hell i can't talk i dress like them fucks do, i suit this wierdass ghost town, i have no idea how we got here though, what you think Nocturne?''

''Honestly, i think this is God getting his own back on us for not going to church for twelve years, and also you did desecrate that old woman's remains...''

''That old bitch had it coming to her, thats why i pushed her down those flight of stairs in the first plac-''

''Yeah thats enough Kai.''

Suddenly, a knocking is heard on the door, and a loud screech deafen's Mordecai's ears.

''Hey how come you don't get effected, also why the fuck refer to us in third person dipshit, stop narrating and get ya'll ass out there to have a look see what that was.''

Nocturne takes weary steps towards the door, opening it as quietly as he possibly could before taking a peek outside, noticing gargantuan sized claw marks on the door he hastily shuts it.

''Well what the fuck did you see?'' Says Mordecai in an annoyed tone.

''Whatever is out there, will murder us, then possibly rape our decaying corpses...'' As Nocturne looks around the hostel styled room in disbelief and sickening awe.

''Or maybe, just maybe, it was that whore erm..Candy whatever her fucking name was, perhaps she has come to collect her money which you refused to pay her, that bitch could have rabies or some shit man you should get checked out.''

''As if that is much of a concern now Kai, come on, were stuck in a godforesaken ghost town like we are in Resident Evil or some creepyass shit like that.''

''Well if we are, I'm Chris Reidfield, you're that pussyass woman he had with her, simple as bro.''

Almost exactly after Mordecai had finished his sentence the room started to shake violently sending tremors and shivers up both of their spines, a voice is heard screeching ''you shall both die'' as the glass in the dirty windows smash around them.

Knowing the door is their only way out they both run for it barely making it out as the shack they were in collapses behind them.

''You know Kai, im glad none of that glass like exploded in our immediate vicinity.''

''It was in our 'immediate vicinity' dumbass.'' as Mordecai gives him a strange look.

''Yeah but like, I'm glad it didn't explode into or onto my face..''

''Ha, thats what she said dude.'' says Mordecai with a flush expression on his face.

''Vai a farti fottere Morecai, Vai a farti fottere...''

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About This Story
1 Jan, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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