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Demon Father
Demon Father

Demon Father


Demon Father

Written By Nichole Haines

©2017 Nichole Haines

It was January 12th, 2009 when I got the news that my dad shot himself with a gun. My daughter Mia was only four years old when her grandfather killed himself and I was in total shock when my stepmother called me on the phone to tell me he killed himself. I knew I had to get DNA from his body to prove that he was my father, before his body was cremated. My father always told me if anything ever happened to him and if he died that I should make sure to get a DNA test. My father denied me for nineteen years before he came into my life, so it was important to get the test done to prove to the rest of the family that he was indeed my father. My step mother Marie and I went to the nearest DNA center called Zeena DNA testing center. I told Zeena that I wanted a test done on my father and I. They came to the funeral parlor to take the DNA samples from my father’s hair, nails and they also took DNA from his mouth with a swab. I had to go to the laboratory to get my mouth swabbed. It cost me a total of a thousand dollars to get the test done for my father and I. Zeena asked me if I wanted to keep my father’s DNA for the next 15 years for medical purposes or if another person came forward saying that they may be my half sister or half brother. So I agreed with Zeena DNA testing center to keep my father’s DNA samples for the next fifteen years just in case something popped up.

Several years later in August 2024.

Mia was going off to college finally and I was so excited for her to go into architecture design as a major. She was going to be four hours away from her sister Bree, my husband Logan and I . It was her first year completely living on her own in a dormitory. The first week that she called me on the phone at college she was frantic. When I asked her what was wrong and why she wanted to come home so quickly and drop out of college, she told me that there was this guy in her math class at college that looked exactly like grandpa George. I basically said to Mia that surely it was just a guy that resembled grandpa George and that he was just a lookalike. She told me she wanted to come home from college because she was freaked out over this guy in her math class that looked like her grandfather. I told Mia that she could come home just for one weekend and then she would have to go back to college then after the weekend was over. I decided at the last minute that it would be better to fly there to pick Mia up then to drive the four hours to pick her up. Mia was always afraid to fly alone, so she always needs somebody to fly with her, when she has to fly. When Mia and I got on the airplane to fly back home from college, the plane was completely filled and there weren’t any empty seats on the plane. Mia and I had seats all the way in the back of the plane. I was peacefully looking out the window out at the airport when all of a sudden Mia started breathing heavily in a panic. I looked at her and said “Now what is wrong?” She said “look mom in the front row it is that guy in my math class that looks like grandpa George.” I reminded Mia that she was over reacting and that he was just a look alike of grandpa George in his early 20’s.

I promised Mia when we landed and got off the plane that we would all go to the mall and shop around now that I have a self driving car to get around. There weren’t many people that went to the mall anymore and people in general wanted to stay at home and shop online. The first place we went to in the mall was our favorite stuffed animal shop called Stuffoos. Even though I was forty six years old I still loved collecting stuffed animals. While we were in the mall I had the urge to go to the bathroom, so I told Mia and Bree to stay in Stuffoos while I went to the bathroom. As I was sitting on the toilet in the stall, I heard somebody else enter the bathroom. They coughed while they came closer to the stalls. It actually sounded like a man’s cough and for some odd reason it sounded like my dad’s cough. I could hear the man set his stuff down on the bathroom counter. I tried to look through the small crack of the stall door to see if I could see what the man looked like while I was sitting on the toilet. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked through the crack of the stall door, it was my father exactly how he looked when he passed away in 2009. I couldn’t believe it how could that be my father when he passed away in 2009? At that point my whole body was filled with severe anxiety and I was in a panic. I kept peeking through the stall door crack and saw him starring at himself in the bathroom mirror, the next thing I noticed is that his both his eyes turned coal black like an alien’s eyes. I was panicking at that point so I decided to stay in the stall until he left. As soon as he got out of the bathroom I ran back to Stuffoos to get Mia and Bree. We got into my self driving car and went home quickly to my husband Logan.

I tried to explain everything to Logan about what happened at the mall, but he just looked at me and laughed and said “Yeah right like your dead father was at the mall with black alien eyes.” He said “You know me I don’t believe in aliens or ghosts Melissa.” That night Mia and Bree didn’t want to sleep in their own bedrooms that night alone, but I told them that they had too. I made sure that all the doors and windows were locked throughout the house and I made sure that the security system was on. As I was falling asleep next to my husband Logan. I was laying in my bed in my bedroom about to go to sleep and I drifted off into a light sleep half awake and half asleep. I was awake but I couldn’t seem to move my body like sort of what happens in sleep paralysis and a very bright strange icosahedron three dimensional object came very close to my face and it was hovering over my face and body. The energy it was leaving off felt dark and evil. I was trying to yell for help but nothing came out of my mouth. The very bright light from the icosahedron object was blinding my eyes because it was so bright. I wasn’t sure what this thing was while I was laying there, but in my mind I was thinking it was a ghost, demon or the devil. I then was able to break out of the sleep paralysis in my dream then my dream oddly switched to me getting photos taken by strangers for something important. I then woke up from my dream and felt very confused about what I dreamed about. The next morning I needed to clear my mind from that horrible dream, so I decided to ask Mia and Bree if they would like to go for a nice short walk with me around the neighborhood block. We walked about two blocks when we saw the UFOS in the distance in the sky. I told Mia and Bree that we better run as fast as we can before the UFOS caught up to us. So we started running back to the house, but one of the UFOS quickly caught up with us and beamed us up in the UFO with a bright light. We were in a room that looked very similar to a movie theater, yet there weren't any seats in the movie theater and everyone was sitting on the floor including me. Everyone in the room were strangers besides Mia and Bree and there was a man on the movie screen wearing a silver cape with a silver veil on his face, so I couldn't see his face, yet while he was conversing with everybody around me appeared as though they were in a trance, his voice was extremely frightening while he was talking then there were two people pouring some sort fluid on the peoples' heads, and they poured the same liquid on Mia and Bree’s head too. I got off the floor and began crying and saying No! I have faith in God and starting running out the door. I ran down a long narrow silvery looking hallway and found a futuristic looking elevator at the end of the hallway. I pushed the number 3 button on the elevator. The elevator stopped on the second floor and a normal looking man got on the elevator. He took a look at me and said "Melissa you know who I am and I need you to accompany me." I obviously knew who he was despite the fact that he was a normal looking man. I know he was camouflaging himself as a normal man, however he was Satan. I took a look at him and began shouting "No!" I quick got off at the third floor and came to a crystal clear in ground swimming pool with large amounts of people inside the swimming pool. The man with the silver cape was there standing at the edge of the swimming pool with his veil still over his face. His voice was systematic and demonic sounding. He turned towards me slowly and took the veil off his face to reveal himself to me. It was my father, the alien father. His eyes turned coal black like they did in front of the bathroom mirror at the mall. He said to me “Melissa come join your father.” I looked at him and screamed no. He then said “ If you resist me you must die with the others.” He then pushed me in the swimming pool and then these small metal silver round balls came out of the ceiling and then started swooping down at the strangers in the swimming pool at at me. The metal silver balls had very sharp blades on them and they were swooping down and killing everybody. I quickly got out of the pool as fast as I could and ran out the door into a very dark and dim and narrow hallway. I heard a subway coming near in the distance. As it stopped I got on it and stayed on it until it came to the next stop. I got off it once it stopped and I noticed I was in what appeared to be my old high school building except that it had a huge roller coaster in the middle of the school building along with two swimming pools that looked very filthy. As I was standing there watching the indoor roller coaster going around a man with long white hair was standing in front of me smoking a cigarette as he slowly turned around and starred at me I noticed the pupils of his eyes were slits, his pupils weren’t round and they reminded me of a demon or the devil’s eyes. He looked at me and said in a very evil and demonic voice “Melissa you must come with your father.” Stop resisting me.” I then strangely woke up in my nice soft bed next to my husband Logan. I was thinking thank God this was all a horrible dream and the girls are safely sleeping in their beds.” Logan asked me what I was dreaming about all night because he said I was grinding my teeth all night long while I was sleeping. I decided after a night of horrible nightmares that a nice cup of coffee would be refreshing for my body. As I was walking into the kitchen I heard the mail truck pull up to our mailbox. I went outside to get the mail out of the mailbox. I went through the mail slowly to find mostly junk, but I then came across a business envelope that said Zeena DNA testing center. I opened the envelope to read the letter inside. The letter stated that the DNA samples that they kept of my father’s body fifteen years ago they used to experiment and make a half human and half alien human out of my father’s DNA. I was sitting there in complete shock and totally regretting letting that DNA center hold onto my father’s DNA samples for fifteen years! I looked at my husband Logan and said “Well Logan you don’t believe in ghosts or aliens look at this letter that I just got from Zeena about my father’s DNA.” As I was getting up from the kitchen table in tears and disbelief I heard a hard knock on the door. Logan answered the door. There was a man and a woman standing in front of the doorway. I couldn’t see the woman’s face but I could see the man’s face. He was bald and had eye glasses on. He had a military rifle in his hand it looked like a military machine gun. He told my husband Logan that they were looking for Melissa Thomas He looked over Logan’s shoulder and saw me sitting on the chair. He raised his military gun and pointed it directly at me and began pulling the trigger. Logan began cursing and trying to slam the door shut. I then woke up in my soft cozy bed again next to Logan. I was thinking to myself Thank God it was just a dream again. Logan looked at me angrily and said in a demonic type of voice you can’t keep resisting your father you must come with me or you must die!” I screamed “No I’m a firm believer in God!” “Leave me alone!” His body then went up in flames and the bed mattress started burning. I then woke up in a sweat in a hospital bed. The nurse who came to check on me said I was running a fever of 103 for a total of nine days and I got severely dehydrated. She said they had to give me steroids through IV to help me get better. My husband Logan and the girls came into the room and was glad to see me up and talking. I then asked Logan to get me a Bible to read to comfort my mind after all of the horrible dreams I had while I was sick. Thank God it was all just a terrible nightmare.

The End.

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22 Apr, 2017
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