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Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter


In the 1800s there was this young girl her name was Michela and she was a poor baker's daughter and she very beautiful and very gifted but not at any normal talent a human would have she was different, special. Her parents were very fond of her but very worried for her for they knew of her talent it ran through their family for generations. No one in the town they lived in knew of her talent for if they did, she'd be locked away or accused of being a witch. Michela was at her father's bakery helping out when a string of mysterious murders began, most of the townspeople thought it to be a traveling stranger making his way through town and he was the murderer, or some say it was a local crazy man who lost it, but no one really knew. But Micaela felt it something weird and creepy she felt in her gut. Michela told her father of her feelings and told him she was leaving to go investigate so she quietly went through town looking for clues. She walked to the woods that were at the edge of town she started sniffing the woods smelled of sulfur and fire, maybe even candles. Michela knew that if she'd smell sulfur demons were near, she continued her search, she found bloody knife, torn clothes, and there was a candle some type of pentagram, but where the bodies? She sniffed at the fire and smelled of charred flesh, whomever the demons killed must have burned the bodies as a sacrifice. Now by this time the townsfolk are scared and are wanting to form mobs to find whoever did this. She thought to herself, if they find this, they are going to think someone in town is a witch and there is going to be a hanging or worse. The mob begins to form as they look for the killer that is making his way through town, they moved through the woods and found the Michela takes out a container and scoops all of the remains of the burnt bodies and hides in her cloak she wearing an moves on through the woods. She takes her foot and hides the pentagram as quickly as she could, hoping the mob wouldn't find it. She ends up finding a cave, she lights her torch and enters the dark black cave. It's eerily quiet and she hear the own beat of her heart thumping she continues on and goes deeper into the cave as she makes her way into the cavern she sees shadows dancing on the wall and sees the most scariest, evil demons, they were big, and gruesome, and tall. They turned around and hissed at her and growled at the sight of her, Michela ran as they tried to lunge for her but miss hitting the cave all. They're growling and hissing and drooling, she smelled the sulfur on them. She pulls her knife from her boot, the demon lunges on her this time landing on top of trying to choke the life out of her, she takes her knife stabbing it in the chest, it screams loudly, she kicks it off and goes flying hitting the wall with a thud, the second demon comes at her trying to grab her from behind hissing and growling, she takes the knife turns her hand upward stabbing the demon in its head killing it instantly it slinks to the cave floor. Michela gets up takes her torch setting the demons on fire, they go up in flames burning slowly. She hears the mob coming so she decided to lead them away. She went out back to the woods where the mob was, the mob asked her if she had seen the murder and she said she had chased him away and saw run through the woods into a clearing. That night Michela was treated to a night of food and drinks and was treated like a hero. That night of the murders a neighbor said he saw a strange man in the woods who looked like he was up to no good and apparently he was a warlock and he did a spell where he conjured up demons to do his bidding, turns out that the warlock ended up getting hit by a carriage and passed away. There in a town in England of Berkshire stands a statue of Michela that all the local people in England honor once a year in September, it’s said that there is a girl that is related to Michela through many generations that live in England today.

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About This Story
20 Jul, 2020
Read Time
3 mins
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