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What happens when the

Angels become demons?

When those you listened

to for so long as Angels now

scream and howl as if they

were demons?

When those you loved

burn and stone you

upon your own sweat

and tears and broken

promises because they

themselves know not of

peace and happiness?

There is none that do good,

that the blood of those we

let go stain our souls, and then

who is the real demon here?

The innocent or the bloodthirsty,

the charmed or the damned,

the alive or dead?

Three demons stand by my bed,

one with no jaw and brain, one

with tear stains on her cheeks

and blood on her teeth, the last

with burns and cuts from the

earth meeting skin and a demon

pulling the strings in his head, his

followers no longer followers but

those who wish to send me to salvation

but those eyes I can never seem to remember

the color of draw me closer and closer

to the edge and darling, I can no

longer decide what is real and what isn’t

because those whispers in my head

wish a fantasy to reality that I

want to be true but I know will never be

because those Angels have become Demons and

those promises they set to keep are

now as worthless as the flesh on my bones.


He has left us but slivers of hope

and a false sense of safety in the

words he says, the promises he promised,

in the lust in his soul and the hatred

he keeps alongside in an intricate

and macabre dance of hurt and love

that some part of my soul yearns to have.

The demons call and scream and cry

and echo noises from the past that the

followers want gone but my love, as if it

were ever so simple.

Cuts and blood and burns and scrapes

and tears that feel like daggers carving through

the soul, they must have a meaning, right?

The demons are here for a reason, yet

I cannot decipher their words to say what it is.

Being a vagrant hurts, my love, wandering

from home to home and love to love and being

rejected because I, myself, am a demon

amongst you, diseased and rotten, unable

to find a place in the world.


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About This Story
18 Dec, 2020
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1 min
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