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Demons: Dawn of War
Demons: Dawn of War

Demons: Dawn of War

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In the land of Enine-Arcra, a great and powerful demon will arise.

It will be as if there will be no one to stop him.

Five will come, one will be tempted.

The five will find their full power, or death will rain.

Water shall save earth from fire’s burn.

Wind will play a part in blocking evils blows.

After the element’s powerful attacks, a single arrow must end it all.

Chapter One

Caleb ran through the forest with his friends Shiera, Chicaro, Ailyn, and Aaron. The forest thinned out until they were in a meadow, where an army was camped. They crept toward the camp, trying to be as quiet as possible while also moving quickly. They moved through the maze of tents, but when they were almost to the middle of the camp all the tents disappeared. They were all gone like they were never there.

“What’s going on?” Aaron asked.

“Do you think it was an illusion?” Chicaro

“Maybe. Wait, where’s Ailyn?” Shiera asked.

Just then the night sky was lit by a blazing fireball falling through the sky. Caleb gasped; was that a human inside the fireball? No, it couldn’t be, unless... The fireball hit the ground, interrupting his thoughts.

Caleb woke with the sound of an explosion ringing in his ears. He sat up, his heart beating furiously. The dream had seemed so real; the people he had been traveling with had seemed like his friends, but he was sure he had never met them before. His father had told him that sometimes dreams could show you the future, maybe this was one of those dreams. He would have to ask.

He had thought the explosion was in his dream, but there was extreme heat coming from his window. He paled as he looked out and saw that there was a big fire in the center of town. Where had it come from? What did it have to do with his dream?

Caleb did not bother running to his father’s room; his father, Naeroden, was the leader of the town of Yeknam and had business in town that was supposed to take all night. So he was most likely already at the fire.

Caleb ran out of the house and down the street. He noticed dark monstrous figures running through the flame. Trying to avoid the dark figures, he Kept running. As he grew closer to the fire, he saw a tall figure with two curling horns, black fur, and blood-red eyes. It was much larger than the others and was clearly the leader. Caleb remembered all the stories—this creature had to be a demon; if it was a demon, the figures running in the flame must lesser demons, the minions of greater demons. As this was going through Caleb’s head, he froze, realizing what the demon was holding.

Caleb’s father struggled to get free of the demon’s grip, but the creature just chuckled at his feeble attempts.

Caleb ran forward into the flames. “Put him down!” he shouted, fear for his father overcoming his fear of the demon.

The demon laughed a deep, mocking chuckle as he ripped something off of Naerodin’s neck. “Very well, I have what I came for.” He dropped Naerodin and turned toward Caleb. “You have spirit, boy, but you have never met a demon. You know not what you face.”

As the demon turned to leave, Caleb, out of instinct, balled his hand into a fist and pushed it toward his enemy. To both of there surprise, the air rushed around Caleb’s fist. A stream of air hit the demon, and he stumbled backward.

The demon slowly came back to his feet, his eyes filled with anger. “Foolish boy! I would kill you, but my master commands that you must be kept alive. But since I cannot kill you, I will give you this promise: I, the great and powerful Sodarayg, name you enemy of demons. We will meet again.”

Sodarayg turned and ran into the darkness, The lesser demons following him. Once he was out of sight, Caleb ran to Naerodin, resting his father's head in his lap.

“Caleb,” Naerodin said weakly. “he has it.”

“Has what?” Caleb asked.

“The Vision Stone,” Naerodun coughed. “It was given to me many years ago and has great power. There are two other Vision Stones, and when all three are brought together, Sodarayg will have the power to control all of Enine-Arcra. You…”

Naerodun started to cough and vibrate uncontrollably. Caleb’s eyes started to tear up because he knew he could do nothing to help his father. Once Naerodun recovered from his fit of coughing, he took a deep breath, “You must go to Kaerick, the town leader of Amzorcen, and warn him of Sodarayg. He will help you and give you a new home. Yeknam is no more, and could take years to rebuild.”

Naerodin started Convulsing, worse than ever. Frightened, Caleb started to say, “Father, Please, you...”

“No, my son, my time has come. Just know, I am proud of you.” Naerodin became still, and his eyes fluttered shut.

“Father, no.” Caleb bent over his father, crying until he was all out of tears. He stood and prepared to do as his father said.

Author Notes: This story is just the first chapter in a book I am writing. This is a sneek-peek, so enjoy!

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5 Feb, 2020
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