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Demon's Revenge
Demon's Revenge

Demon's Revenge

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Player_1: nobody_important

Player_2: XXwise_girlXX

Player_3: Illuminati_confirmed

Player_4: <<evly_911>>

Player_5: bobross2790

Scene 1: P1 house

Five friends sit at a table, eating quietly. Everyone's phone rings. A loud, shrill alarm goes off, jarring everybody from their own thoughts.

Nobody_important: grins Play time!

Scene 2: Game Room

The five friends move to a larger room. There’s five auto-rotating treadmills. A few VR goggles are hanging from a rack. There are no windows. The only decoration was a sign that read ‘Game Room’

bobross2790: Everyone get on their treads.

Nobody_important: Ready?

All: Ready!

XXwise_girlXX: Hey Siri, play Demon’s Revenge.

Siri: Ok, starting Demon’s Revenge. Have fun.


Scene 3: Demon’s Revenge

Players enter a game starting at 11 pm. The players explore the dark entrance which seems to lead to a mansion. They continue to ascend to the mansion till they reach the door. The door is surrounded by ghouls and gargoyles. Faint echoes of screams flow through the deteriorating building

Nobody_important: Alright. We have to stay in there for 24 hours. The spooky stuff starts at midnight, meaning we’ve got an hour to get ready. Smirks. This is going to be a piece of cake.

XXwise_girlXX: Don’t be too cocky. Remember last time? We couldn’t even last 6 hours and I lost all my credits.

<<evly_911>>: I’m too scared to go in there. Seriously, out of all the places we could have gone, here? Here?

Bobross2790: What’s the worst that can happen? It’s not like we’re going to die.

Nobody_important: Stop bickering and let’s go already. Motions rest of the group to enter the mansion.

<<evly_911>>: Okay, whatever but, you will be responsible if anything happened to me.

Nobody_important: Fine, fine. I’ll give you some credits if there’s any harm inflicted on you.

XXwise_girlXX: Everyone ready? Remember we have 1 hour till the ghosts start to eat our heads off and the axe-wielding maniacs come out.

Group enters the mansion.

Nobody_important: Every hour in this place is half an hour in real life. There are 24 hours in the game and we have to survive the entire day to earn the credit rewards

Illuminati_confirmed: Are everyone’s watches working?

Nobody_important: Yes, indeed.

XXwise_girlXX: Yes.

<<evly_911>>: Yup.

Bobross2790: Yeah. Says while yawning.

Nobody_important: Maybe we shut eye few hours. Recharge our batteries before we head out and get the creeps.

XXwise_girlXX: I call the room on the top floor.

<<evly_911>>: I call the bottom one. But, I don’t want to sleep by myself. Does someone want to accompany me?

XXwise_girlXX: Nah.

Nobody_important: I will. Smiles. Got yo back, scaredy-cat.

XXwise_girlXX: Insolents. Shakes head and walks away.

Bobross2790: Whatever. We’ll be right next door.

Everyone walks away to rooms

Scene 4: Demon’s Revenge: P1 and P4 room

Nobody_important: Scared? Raises an eyebrow

<<evly_911>>: Umm… Aren’t you?

Nobody_important: Nope. It’s just a game.

<<evly_911>>: Are you sure about that?

Nobody_important: Well, duh. This is fake. Just remind yourself that all of this-gestures around the creepy room-is fake.

<<evly_911>>: Ok. Well, I’ll try to sleep tight. Good Night.

Nobody_important: You too. Sweet dreams. Yawns and rolls over.

<<evly_911>> rolls over the other way and closes her eyes.

Nobody_important starts snoring.

Everything else was silent.

Scene 5: Demon Revenge: P1, P2, P3, P4’s rooms

The players sleep soundly until the clock strikes twelve. <<evly_911>> wakes up when she hears the gong of the clock. She looks around the room and looks confused.

<<evly_911>>: Um. Nobody_important? Are you here? Looks around again, frantic. Hello? If this is a joke, this is really not funny. Come on, nobody_important. Show yourself. Starts panicking. Oh My God, Oh My God-Starts screaming. Everybody wake up!

Other players enter the room looking alert.

Bobross2790: What’s the problem now <<evly_911>>? Did you seriously have to yell?

<<evly_911>>: It’s Nobody_important. Panting. She’s missing!

XXwise_girlXX: It’s twelve o’ clock. Time for the scary stuff. She probably went to find supplies or explore the house. Everyone try to keep your necks intact.

Illuminati_confirmed: Ok. I’ll start looking around for weapons.

Bobross2790: Why is she being an idiot in a haunted mansion? The game is called Demon’s Revenge not Demon’s Tea Party.

Illuminati_confirmed: No, Nobody_important might be cocky, but she’s not dumb. She wouldn’t have gone by herself in a haunted mansion. Face darkens Unless she was taken. Dun, dun, dun!

Bobross2790: taken aback Ok, wow. That went downhill fast. I’m hungry. I’m going to go grab something to eat. Leaves room.

XXwise_girlXX: Of course you are. I’m going to find weapons. Someone has to be reasonable. Leaves room.

<<evly_911>>: Even if Nobody_important left for whatever reason, it doesn’t make it any less creepy.

Illuminati_confirmed: shrugs Let’s just get some food before we start looking for her. Okay? Come on, let’s go.

<<evly_911>>: sighs All right. Looks up at fridge. Let’s see if there’s anything in there. Opens the fridge door. Lets out a shrill scream. OH MY GOODNESS! It’s Nobody_important SHE’S FROZEN OR SOMETHING.

*Inside laid a shrunken version of Nobody_important, she was turning blue and her body was disfigured and in a jumbled mess of limbs. *

XXwise_girlXX: What in the world are you talking about? Turns around and looks shocked once eyes land on fridge. Screams.

The rest of the players pull Nobody_important out of the fridge.

Illuminati_confirmed: Now we get to torch her alive- I mean whaaaaaaaaaaat?

Bobross2790: stunned while looking at Nobody_important Holy mother of Jesus. I didn’t think something like this would happen, but at least she’s not really frozen.

Nobody_important: shivering No offense or...anything, but...can you get me...out of here?

Illuminati_confirmed: Shrieks. YOU’RE ALIVE?!

XXwise_girlXX: taps her chin, thinking Should we use the microwave?

Nobody_important: I...might be a little… too big for that.

Bobross2790: Do you remember how you got in the fridge? Did the demon take you? What did he look like? How long have you been there?

Nobody_important: I’m still...frozen instead of asking me questions me prevent hypothermia please...

Illuminati_confirmed: I guess it’s time to torch her…

Nobody_important: Anything… but a flamethrower…

<<evly_911>>: frowning Blankets work, too, you know.

Bobross2790: I actually agree with <<evly_911>> on this one.

Illuminati_confirmed: Fine, if you guys want to be boring.

Nobody_important: I really don’t you guys get me warm...just DO IT.

Bobross2790: I’ll go ahead and grab a couple blankets. I spotted some in the basement when I walked by. Goes to get blankets

*20 minutes go by*

Scene 6: Demon Revenge: P1, P2, P3, P4’s rooms and the basement

Meanwhile, the other players put their jackets on nobody_important. She’s able to barely move now.

XXwise_girlXX: Where is Bobross2790? She is taking too long.

Illuminati_confirmed: Yeah, it’s been 20 minutes. I’m going to go look for her...but I’m not going alone.

<<evly_911>>: I’m not staying here alone either.

Nobody_important: No way you’re leaving me behind. Shuffles towards illumnati_confirmed

XXwise_girlXX: I’ll go.

Nobody_important: Let’s just all go. Illuminati_confirmed grabs a lantern from nearby.

*All go to basement following her. They shuffle down the steps cautiously when they see a ring of blood right below the fan. Just above is Bobross2790 hanging from one of the wings of the spinning fan. She was tied up with the blankets she was carrying for Nobody_important. She was splattered with blood which dripped down her toes.*

All scream.

Door suddenly shuts close.

All continue screaming.

Nobody_important: I think I’m developing a phobia of blankets.

A drop of Bobross2790’s blood falls onto Nobody_important’s forehead and drips down her face.

Nobody_important: Screams

Illuminati_confirmed: Oh My God!

Nobody_important: breathes heavily and wipes off blood Oh what the heck. We need to move. Creepy stuff is happening so might as well torch me.

XXwise_girlXX: Why would you want to be torched? Don’t encourage illuminati_confirmed. Just die calmly with the whole hypothermia thing.

Nobody_important: Hello? I am dying slowly, so might as well make it quicker.


Nobody_important: Oh my potato chips, at least with the flame-thrower I might have a sliver of surviving, so…

Illuminati_confirmed: Glad you asked. Turns on flamethrower. Ready?

XXwise_girlXX: Relax. All of this is not real, remember?

Nobody_important: snaps Just unfreeze me already!

Illuminati_confirmed: Here goes nothing…

Illuminati_confirmed sprays nobody_important with flames for half a minute.

Nobody_important lets out a blood-curdling scream

XXwise_girlXX: Oh my...Stop it! You’re hurting her!

Illuminati_confirmed: Checks Nobody_important’s pulse. Yep, she’s dead.

XXwise_girlXX: Wow, great job. Good thing she’s still alive in the real world. I guess the whole torching thing didn’t work. So it’s just us three left. I think we should exit the game. The deaths are even more gruesome than usual.

Illuminati_confirmed: Relax, It’s just a game- There is a loud bang and Illuminati_confirmed drops to the floor, dead, with a spear through her back. A spreading pool of blood forms under her and stains the floor. All scream- voices are coarse from previous screaming

XXwise_girlXX: That’s it. I’m leaving. That’s a human kebab and everyone else is dead and we are going to die. I’m just going to leave before I get killed by a vengeance hungry demon.

<<evly_911>>: It is already 9 and we only have 3 hours left. We’re so close to finishing the game.

XXwise_girlXX: Let’s just go upstairs and try to sleep it out. I’m going to go to the restroom and I’ll come right back. Here take this and protect yourself. Hands <<evly_911>> a candlestick.

<<evly_911>>: sarcastically Wow thanks. I’m feeling so safe already. A candlestick will totally protect me.

XXwise_girlXX: frowning Cut out the sarcasm. I’ll be right back.

Leaves room and walks out the left stage. <<evly_911>> nervously looks around and walks upstairs with her hands clenched around the rusting candlestick.

*10 minutes later*

<<evly_911>> walks to the kitchen to get some water. She turns on the water and faucet blood rushes out and fills her cup.

<<evly_911>>: Screams Where is that coming from?

Panicking, she throws the cup away and keeps a good distance from the faucet. After a few minutes, she recovers from her shock and focuses on her firsthand task. She opens the cabinet under the sink and traces the pipe to what seemed like it would be directing to the water tank in the basement.

*5 mins later*

<<evly_911>>: Oh. My. God. Eyes directed toward the water tank where XXwise_girlXX lays floating in the water tank, skin pale and pruning. Her- her body it’s-. She turns around, expecting to see her friends, but is shocked to realize she is all alone. That’s it. I’m done. Attempts to pull of the VR goggles, but the game doesn't let her.

VR set: in mechanical voice You’re not done till I say you’re done. Now, I think you should stop trying to take me off and focus on surviving this game. Who knows? You might join your friends.

<<evly_911>> walks around the room pacing. She bumps into a wall and crumples to the floor, exhausted and scared. Her hands cover her face, clawing at the invisible VR set. She closes her eyes to see the life bar flickering to be completely empty and filling up with a ding at the end. She faints.

*2 hours later*

Game: Congrats! You survived Demon’s Revenge. Remember, the game doesn’t end here.

<<evly_911>>: What is that supposed to mean?

Game: Play again soon!

<<evly_911>>: Not gonna happen. Takes VR set off and slowly opens her eyes to a stopped treadmill. *sighs* I’M BACK! She looks around for her friends and sees the most horrific sight she has seen.

*there hung Bobross2790 spinning on the bloody fan. Blankets wrapped around her like a python suffocating and drawing out blood through every cut she had. Next she saw a charred Nobody_Important looking like burnt toast. She saw Illuminati_confirmed laying dead with a spear slicing through the middle of her back. Lastly, on her left, there was a broken water tank slowly filling the room up with XXwise_girlXX’s blood.

Demon: Revenge is what I seek.

Through the blood you leak.

The game never ends, you see.

Until you rejoin your family. (points at dead friends on the ground)

Screen goes black

Wait one second

Scream echoes

~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~

Author Notes: This is the work of me and four other people. Their usernames on shortstories101 are Diya101, zer0, wise_6irl, and Plot_twister_543.

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