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Dari-the-bookwormDari Poulson
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Terik ran around the tall player and tossed the basketball into the hoop. The ball fell through the net and into Terik’s hands. The tall player huffed and ran to get water as the halftime horn sounded.

“Over here!” Yelled Terik’s coach holding out his hands. Terik bounced the ball in his direction and hurried to the beaches and grabbed his water bottle. He saw Jem in his seat and grinned. He loved seeing Jem. It had been a week since there little adventure but Terik had seen Jem multiple times since then.

“Hey!” He said, leaning down and picking up his water.

“Are you ready to go?” Jem asked, tossing her keys to him.

“Yup.” Terik said as he grabbed the keys from the air. He grabbed his bag and followed Jem to her car.

As they climbed into the car Jem smiled at him.

“What is it?”

Her smile widened.

“What did I do?”

“Nothing.” She answered as Terik started the car.

Terik smiled. She was just excited. He loved it when she was happy.

“Let's not die, kay?”

“Well thank you sunshine.” Jem learned and kissed Terik on the cheek. It was completely sisterly, but Terik felt warm inside. This was going to be fun.


“I wish you could come with me.” Said Emma sadly. Charlie was wearing his normal clothes, a bright red T and shorts. He was staring at his flip-flops like they were the most interesting things in the little airport.

“But you need to go home silly,” Charlie said with a laugh.

Emma was nervous about going onto a plane again, but she had to discover her past.

Leslie hugged her and smiled. “Don't worry about the flight, okay?”

Emma hugged her back. “How do you do that? I was just thinking about that.”

“I have gifts!” Leslie said.

Hanna noded. “Yup. Some of those gifts are scary.”


Leslie and Hanna started arguing and Emma laughed.

“Guys! Stop it!” Jason tried to pull the two girls apart but they just pushed him aside and argued louder. “Please?”

Suddenly Terik burst into laughter from his bench nearby. Jems eyes twinkled as she grabbed Terik's computer before it hit the ground.

Emma turned to Charlie. He blushed and looked into her eyes. Emma looked down at her new shoes. They were blue with a white rim.

“I wish Atlanta and Iscak were here,” Charlie said with an odd tone. Was he worried about them? “Then the whole gang would be here.”

Emma nodded and she started to tug on her scarf. “They can take care of themselves.” Adlanta and Iscak had decided to go to a special school together in California. Emma hoped they were having a good time.

Emma looked into his eyes. “Can you come with me? I bet we could get you a ticket-”

Charlie Let out a strong, joyful laugh. Emma loved that laugh. It was free and excited like Charlie didn't mind if everyone at the airport could hear him. Emma Wished she was like that. “You need to go home to find your past and I need to say here to help out.” His face darkened. “ There's a lot of problems that I need to help fix.” He looks into her eyes and grinned. “Don't do anything stupid, okay?”

Emma felt tears coming to her eyes. Charlie was her first friend since she could remember. She didn't want to leave his side even if it was so she could discover her personal past.

“Come on!” Uncle Jon was rushing toward them almost slipping on everyone in the little airport. Triek and Jem Started to walk toward the tall red-headed man, eagerly grabbing their bags.

Emma turned to Charlie and kissed him on the lips.

He turned a violent color of red and Emma turned to Leslie and hugged her.

“Don't lose Jason again ok? And tell Adlanta and Iscak hi for me in you see them.”

Jason blinked. “Leslie didn't lose me, I was kidnaped.”

Hanna rolled her eyes. “That's what you think.”

“Emma! We’re gonna be late!” Said Terik over his shoulder.

“I’m coming!” Emma rushed after him and the other and only glanced back once to look at Charlie. Jason and Leslie where wondering toward to exit with Hannah skipping behind them. Charlie stood still and starred in Emma's direction. He Smiled and waved and Emma rushed after her friends.

“I’ll be back,” she whispered to the walls of the airport. And then she hurried toward another deadly adventure.

Author Notes: I have like six other chapters of this but this was the only complete one. I really liked making this chapter and I hope it is readable without the rest of the story. Tell me how to improve this please! Thanks for reading!

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Dari Poulson
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21 Feb, 2019
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