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Hi, I'm Myra and I will be telling you my story. This all started in 6th grade. I'm in 8th grade 3-20-18, so in 6th grade, I would get made fun for what I wore and I would get made fun of because I'm tan and people would call me black. One day I went home and told my mom what was going on at school. She said they would stop sometime soon. I hoped they did every day I went back to class. I had three main friends that I liked most, Alayna, Hayden, and Ashley. Alayna and Hayden never liked Ashley but I always accepted her. I told them we still need to get along with her, they never wanted to get along with her. I was always that nice girl that never wanted anyone to feel bad, so I would always hang out with whoever wanted to hang out with me. A girl named Keyanna saw me do tricks on the monkey bars and wanted me to teach her how to do it so I did and she enjoyed it and learned things. She was in the grade below me so when it was time to move to the high school I told her I can't wait to see her in 7th grade. Well over that summer she had died in a house fire, along with her three other sisters. Her mom was just hurt from the fire but went to the hospital for a few days and her ex-husband came to see her and they were doing okay except the part where all four of their kids had died. Kiana was 13, the second oldest was 8, the third oldest was 5, the fourth sister was 3 and they had all passed away in the house fire and still to this day we don't know what caused it. After a month, that fire happened two girls named Abby and Libby were on a walk at the deer creek railroad and they were alone so a guy came up and tied them up. After he tied them he raped and killed them. But I never talked to Abby or Libby so I don't know much about them. The police are still trying to look for the man that did this.

So when it was time for seventh grade I was scared, I went to my locker and designed it. After, I went to class and started meeting the teachers. I liked the teachers and of course, I was always nice and social so I was friends with people. During the second semester of seventh grade I had been getting called names, I was getting told things like, your black, go over the Trump wall, your Asian, that I was a little stupid black jew, and things like that. I told my mom and she complained about it to the school. So I went to school the next day and was made fun of because I told my mom what they were saying to me. My main bully is Kyla. She has no respect for any girl, she only likes to be around guys. What's funny is she will have a boyfriend and she will feel all up on all the other guys. Another thing that is so funny is she thinks she is funny by saying that stuff to me but really it's not. She thinks she has so many friends but really she doesn't. One day the people that think they are so cool and funny will realize they were never any of those. Kyla thinks she is the boss of the school. Everyone just hangs around her because they are afraid she will do what she did to me to them. Maryn is another little prep girl that thinks she is all that and thinks she is so pretty but she will realize she is not all that and that she is not pretty either. Everyone that hangs out and calls themselves popular isn't. in college, they will never have any friends and the ones they call nerds like me will have more friends than what they will ever have because it fun and adventurous, and not like "Ohh is popular and I don't like these and these people, I don't care if they die or anything." Then my side is "We are nerds and we like it, we don't care what they have to say and they can't bring us down. Let's go do something crazy and fun but something that won't get us in trouble and no drugs or alcohol." So my what they call nerds are fun while they think they are so popular aren't any fun.

End of seventh grade I had fun over the summer and up came along the 8th grade. yes, I'm still a nerd today but I don't care. Up come Kyla and her comments again which was no surprise for us. She started spreading rumors about me and telling people that I liked her boyfriend but really I don't like him because he is a think he is so popular and one of those guys with no respect and ugly. I never liked any guys that people would show me or make me meet. I am not a social person with anyone except my friends that have been with me all my life. Kyla told me that I needed to kill myself, so I went home and cried and my mom noticed something was up when she got home so she asked me what happened and I told her and she complained and complained every day to that school. No one did anything to fix it, all they told Kyla was they would call her grandma about it but her grandma and parents don't care what she did nor when she didn't. She was never in trouble at all, her parents got a divorce and both moved their separate ways so Kyla and her brother moved in with their grandma. Kyla's brother Trenton is like most guys. Think he is so popular and he thinks he is hot but he is so ugly, he is a ginger with dark eyes and some hair on his chin and so on... Trenton goes for any girl that wants him and has the dirties with her then leaves her. Kyla tries to get every guy, so after Jackson (Kyla's boyfriend) and Kyla got together after a week they did the dirty and after a month the parents didn't like them together so they had to break up but they still like each other and stay by each other side all the time. So Kyla and her brother are both the same, and people like them are the ones I never like to hang around. They have done drugs and other things they should not do and Kyla is only 14. Trenton just turned 18.

Anyways during the second semester of 8th grade, I was told I needed to hang myself off a bridge and been getting told to kill myself. Before this happened I had started cutting myself no one cared to noticed not even my good friends. I was so depressed I tried to kill myself and it's all because of these comments that these people think they need to make. Ever since the first comments in 6th grade I had been upset and depressed. Now I have learned to not care and that life is not the rainbow world everyone used to tell me. It is a dark place whether you think it is or not. I also learned that as we get older and get into college you won't see these people again and you will go your separate ways. I don't have feelings anymore, I have to fake a smile and put on a show for everyone. I also have to make the decisions small so no one can see my pain. When people talk to me and ask me if I'm okay and I say yes and they walk away, I wish they would turn around look me in my eyes and tell me I'm not then holding me in their arms so I can let it all out but no one cares to see that I'm in pain I wish they were good enough friends to realize that. When you get older find at least one really good friend that will do that to you and one that will realize you had a bad day and one that will always stay by your side.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed this story and that it will help affect you to look at your friends and ask them if they are okay and know that they are not and hug them tightly and help them out. If you want more then you can leave a comment down at the bottom telling me what ideas you guys have and Thank You!

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20 Mar, 2018
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