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Depression - Endless Pain

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Depression - Endless Pain

By maneet

Hi, it's me I have been diagnosed with depression for over a month. It's been quite hard for me at school boys are very rude and have picked on me and gone so far as to make me cry, and today this boy saw my self-harm scars and after school dm me on Instagram asking if I was okay. and i told him that 'i was tired of saying I'm okay to everyone when they ask me if I'm okay so I'm going to be brave and say no so hopefully you understand and show some comfort and show that your not like the rest of the boys', he replies with 'I understand and I am sorry on the behalf of the other boys', I was so happy and he made me smile and now we have been talking to each other every day and have a really strong bond. He has helped me through my tough time dealing with the depression but he stood by side and I'm a very gullible girl and can fall into peoples traps very easily and can be broken in minutes, this boy has helped me through this and am very grateful to him. I have very important news to tell you as well he has asked me out and we have been 2 months strong I am sooooo happy!

So, there are some boys who don't change and he has not changed from day 1 he makes me so happy and changed my view on boys, I now know because of him that there are good boys out there, even if the majority of the boys you meet on a day to day basis are SO rude and not nice at all. So just remember they aren't all mean even though it seems like they are.


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22 Nov, 2017
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