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Depression Reviews

11 reviews have given an average rating of 5 out of 5 Stars
SilverOaks gave a rating of 5

I have felt this way many times but unlike you some people in my family could care less.... so I'm glad that your family loves and supports you.

Danieloptera gave a rating of 5

it is good to be honest. To be so young and depressed is terrible, I am glad you are on the other side. Our thinking patters are a key to control it.

XAXAXAXAXA gave a rating of 5

There a lot of ‘edgy kids’ that fake having depression, just to seem cool or have more attention. This however, seems genuine and well written (apart from a few grammatical errors). I love it.

Justice_Dolly gave a rating of 5

I am currently going through the same thing I know how it feels. If anyone ever needs to talk just message me and I will message you back as soon as I possibly can. You are not alone. We are all in this together.

rosehall171 gave a rating of 5

i know how u feel if every need to talk i am here

Alyssa_da_best gave a rating of 5

This is a really good story but yet, this all happened to me I'm suffering form depression at this moment, but as some say 'fake smiles can hide the true sadness' I personally think it's true.


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