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Spider647 is from AU Australia • 17 y/o • Male

It’s not called being gay, it’s called being FaBuLOUs. - Pewdiepie, and also me I guess


I have 15 subscribers on YouTube for making bad videos, I don’t do social media or selfies so go away, I’m currently 16 and am male, and I’m pan. Also I’m more epic than you losers.

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6 Jan, 2020
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Meet me, Gerald.

My name is Gerald Spide. You can call me Gerry or whatever weird nicknames you give to someone with such a fancy name. Coincidentally, my favourite animal (or specimen, since it isn't really an animal) is a spider. I recently stopped speaking so formally, as it is confusing for people with under 4 braincells, so now I speak like every other kid does at school to their homies.

I am male, 16 years old, and pan, but I'm not going to act like that's really deep or anything, I just make 'I'm gay' jokes because I can't find anything funny about myself. I used to work as a clown for God-knows what reason, but now I am a 'professional businessman'. All I do is just sell stuff that I am recommended. I watch a lot of anime and make a lot of references to Death Note, Konosuba, and JoJo's.

I don't care if I make grammatical errors, I'll fix it if I feel like it.

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