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Spider647 is from AU Australia • 16 y/o • Male

Кермит Лягушка была внутренней работой


I am a very small YouTuber (not advertising, it’s bad), and I just try to get as ‘creative’ as I can with my projects. My videos are mostly not serious at all, but I’ll try to make my writing as good as it can be.

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Meet me, Gerald.

I like to be known as Gerald Spide, but you can call me Gerald or Gerry. I like to make stories. A lot of them are inspired by real-life actions, or my imagination. If you couldn’t tell, my favourite animals are spiders. They aren’t 100% ‘animals’, but it’s close, right? I don’t have many friends, so I made my own. I say ‘many’ because I do have some. I have known them from the start of time.

I have had three jobs so far: a doctor, a party clown, and now a businessman, hired by many companies and corporations. I only do my job for someone for roughly a week, then I will ask for pay and leave.

I still have my clown costume with me. I was called Bibi. They liked me, I think.

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