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He has a box on his head. It seems to fit his look, an old-generation kind of look. He bares a black tuxedo over a plain, white shirt, with the metal pin of a black bowtie burried into it. His pants match his overlay, along with a pair of white, seemingly new, sneakers on his feet. His skin is white, and his face, concealed by the box, whiter. The paleness of his face seems to be possible by some sort of chemical mixture.

His eyes are dark, somehow purple puples to go inside them. The puples seem to be a lot more square than humanly possible, or possible for any creature at all for that matter. His hair is an even darker shade of purple, as it suits his pallet and it's style, that style being short with tufts of hair going down to the middle of his eyes, and on the sides of his face. His neck is the only thing stopping the white go down any more, seeming to not let anybody see the face.

The said face is concealed by a box, as explained before. The box has small details, as to maybe, just somehow, match a human face. There are rectangular holes where the eyes and mouth are, covered by black material so he can see out, but nothing can see in. The holes were hand done, but show no trace of being a messy procedure at all. The face is only those holes. On the sides of his head are two small and white foamy bowls, one on each side, as to mimic ears. They shine when lit up, but that is rare. And finally, to top him off (quite literally), on his head is one little wire. The wire points up, bent here and there, and stretches about 10 centimetres high. On the end of it is a tiny foil ball. The ball is seemingly stuck to it with tape, along with the wire, bent at the end to stick to the box.

On his back is a fire-axe, only stuck on his back by a strip on his tux that seems to be made for weapon carrying. As to conceal that red-headed axe as much as possible from anyone coming from the front, the tuxedo seems to have a small cape. But why?

Author Notes: I could go on, but I won’t.

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6 Jan, 2020
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