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He was watching the television, as usual. The one close to the backdoor. It wasn't really a 'backdoor', since it was the only door leading out of the house. Well, as he was watching whatever cartoon children like him were into, his house turned into a makeshift-pompei again.

"What the actual fuck are you doing there? Get your arse of my fucking couch!" It was his mother. His mother was high again. She had done another line of sugar, just like every other day of his life. But when the word 'life' is used, he likes to refer to it as torture. As if scheduled, he made a beeline towards his bedroom doorframe. It was only the frame because it had been kicked-in and broken by his father on one of his drunken rampages. His father was more responsible with his drug consumption, but had died at age 42, leaving his mother alone with him.

"Don't think you're gunna go to bed. Get out! I'm fucking tired of your shit!" She was partly correct. Gerry wasn't much of an activity person, but he liked to sit around and draw. He liked drawing, and made friends through his pencil. But when he was first mesmerised by the power of the drawing-stick, he became addicted, as if he was his mother and the pencil was nose candy. He never did anything else, other than watch weird stuff he liked on TV. He never talked, he just did what he wanted, or was instructed.

He opened the backdoor after walking to it. He glanced once more at his mother (he is from the UK, so he said it as 'mum'). Her dark hair and dirty, grey clothes made her look more mad than she was. But then again, she was mad in both senses. Gerry moved his bony, shaky hand towards the doorknob, and stopped it when it made contact with it.

"What the hell are you waiting for? Piss off!" He closed the door and fled, but not before his spontaneous head-twitches. Gerry was a smart boy, he knew right from wrong, and knew if anything wasn't right. He knew he had something like Tourette Syndrome, because his twitching wasn't his doing. He was never diagnosed, but that's because he was never brought to a hospital or anything alike. He knew he wasn't normal, he knew he was too quiet of a kid, he knew he wasn't treated right, and he knew he wasn't perfect. But what he was told, but wasn't sure of, is that he wasn't planned and he should've landed in a condom.

As Gerry hastily walked down the path, he noticed the kids from yesterday that had took an interest in him at the park. They were fascinated by his tics, and how he never spoke. One of the boys there even tried to pick a fight with him. Even after receiving a punch to the face, he didn't spit a word. He just followed the boy slowly, until getting close enough to lift him by his collar, and toss him around. Gerry was a tough boy, but he was stronger than he looked.

A boy in the group, the one that Gerry found very nice and kind towards him, spotted him. He didn't know it was him at first, because of the way Gerry stands (a bit hunched, and preferably behind some cover), but his ginger hair with the little purple streak gave it away. Gerry's eyesight was quite poor, he could only recognise a person from about 20 feet away without needing to move closer. He didn't know glasses were a thing. But that boy's blue-died hair and little pink heart on his cheek was a beacon. The blue-hair-boy came closer, pretty much abandoning his 'friends', which he considered to be more of an outcast group.

The blue-boy's name was Lemmy. Gerry at his age (being 14 at the time) was about the height of his doorframe, calculating to about five feet. His home was a small bungalow. Lemmy was also 14, but a bit shorter. Lemmy was a popular boy at his high-school, he didn't like the attention very much and didn't like the kids there, but he got his reputation from what he did and how he acted. See, Lemmy was gay and it was seemingly obvious in his voice and his stance. This got him a fair bit of attention from bullies, but some from the people defending him since he was a small boy. He also did acts and such on stage, like singing and piano. His key-skills were basic at most.

"Hello!" Lemmy said, his voice high pitched, "I'm happy to see you again! You were funny yesterday, especially with Jack." He giggled, and looked at the boy that Gerry had dropped on his arse yesterday.

"Shut your fucking mouth, Lem, I swear on your mum's pussy that I will kill you if you say anything, 'ight?"

Lemmy sighed, "Alright then, but don't be a meany to him and he won't kill you. Also what does my mum have to do with anything?"

"Me and the boys will set a campfire in her cunt if you aren't careful."

"P-please don't say that, it makes me... not feel good."

"Then shut your gob, faggot." Jack was either a steriotypical bully, a homophobe, or just the 'nice kid's best friend'. Gerry have grown attached to Lemmy in the span of twenty-one hours, seemingly because Lemmy was a school-kid that didn't pick and bitch at him for being dirty and not going to school. He was tempted to strangle the shithead, but he didn't know if the boy had the balls to do what he said.

Once again, in Jack's overconfident, bitchy voice, said to the both of them "What, are you guys gunna kiss or something? HA, you guys are fu-"

"Be quiet! You're going to make him hate EVERYONE here! Do you want another... f... friend..." Lemmy seemed to stutter a bit. He didn't want Gerry to be offended, but he didn't want him to feel like an overpopular celebrity. Hell, he didn't even know his name was Gerry, yesterday when he was asked he just stared with his dark, blue eyes.

"Do you want to make another friend or not!"

"No, I have hella bitches, and my friends aren't scrawny fucks like you. Your boyfriend isn't scrawny, but he wouldn't do good against these boys." The other kids around him, including the two girls looked at Lemmy.

"I'm not... He's not... SURE, YEAH! I might be the way I am, but you don't have the right to make fun of me just because I want REAL friends!" Lemmy was in tears at this point. Gerry didn't know what was happening, but he knew for sure that Lemmy was only 'friends' with Jack because, at some point, Jack had saved him from embarrassment or something.

"Oh fuck off Jack, let them hang out. Get all these boys off your dick. You're a 16 year old kid hanging out with little bitch-boys." It was one of the other kids. He was one of the kids that didn't smirk or laugh at Lemmy for what he was doing. He had dark hair, dark clothes, and had bags under his eyes despite his age. He looked emo, but didn't act it.

"In fact, I'll join them. If there is anyone to supervise him and prove he won't kiss him, it's me." The boy walked towards the pair. He planted himself firmly next to Lemmy. He was about the same size as Gerry, so Lemmy looked like a gang leader, having two tall boys, both wearing dark, on each side of him.

The two newly established groups stood a few meters from each other, Gerry staring Jack in the eyes, his content face he always wears almost scaring Jack.

"I agree with Joel. Jack's a retard." She laughed, and walked over towards the new, expanding friendship group. It was one of the girls, the one that didn't fit in with the other group because of her pastel hair colour, clothes, and wrist bands. She also revealed the identity of the other boy, Joel. His name kind of suited his dark-themed self. It was weird that out of everyone, she agreed with him.

"Ay Skink, can you fucking not. You're more retarded if you agree with the faggot, the edgy kid, and this new dumbass." She seemed to be nicknamed 'Skink'.

"No, she is correct. You must be mentally ill if you are going to exclude them for hanging around the new boy."

"The fuck you say to me? Do you want me to fucking take you downtown and get my dad to gun you down?"

"No, I wouldn't like that, but I doubt you have the audacity to touch me, and even if you had your henchmen do it, they'd be spotted by a passing civilian." The other girl had spoken. She also seemed to have had enough with Jack's shit. She also seemed to have a point, as none of the boys dared to interact with her. She was a lot more mature than the other girl, and wore similar clothes as Joel. She wore a black jumper and shorts, had red details in her jumper, and had light-brown hair. She wore makeup, unlike Skink, but it was almost invisible since it was just a bit of red faded into her cheeks. The way she talked made it clear she was quite intelligent, exaggerated with the black glasses she wore.

"Yay, Sanny! You're going against the rebels as well!" Skink said that, trying to sound smarter than she previously did, but to no avail in Gerry's mind. Sure, he thought he might make friends to see every time his mother takes cocaine, and he did think the two girls were decently cute and fit this little group quite well, but he didn't want his mother to find out he's interacting with other kids regularly, especially people that can talk back, and go to school.

"Do not address me like that, please, just refer to me as my actual name, 'Sanyu'." She looked to be talking to Gerry as well as Skink. But Gerry didn't care, because he didn't think he would be addressing them that much.

"Well, if the autists you lot are will beat the shit out of me, go-the-fuck-ahead." Jack was ballsy, but everyone knew they wouldn't do it to keep their reputation as 'good people'. They didn't say anything, they just stared.

"Well, I think we are gunna go off now," Joel said "See ya' later Jack, see you Ben and Andy, goodbye childish bitches." The group walked off, with Gerry tailing them. They also walked slow like Gerry, but maybe just because they thought Gerry couldn't walk faster. Yes, Sanyu was smart enough to tell he was from a shithole of a home, but she wasn't sure of his posture and the way he walked. She believed there must have been violence of some sort, giving him an injury, but she didn't want to call him out incase it was too touchy of a subject.

"So Lemmy, what's your new friend's name?" Joel was asking him this whilst still looking forward. He didn't know if he was walking somewhere, or if they were going to just wander around town.

"Uhhh... It's..." He sounded like he was stuttering, but this time it sounded a bit more like he was stalling. He was known for stuttering when questioned or nervous, but not for this long.

"Hehe, do you not know his name?" Skink was giggling and periodically peering at Gerry, who was watching the back of Lemmy's head.

"I must have forgotten! Yeah! I'm not that retarded not to ask for his name! I only met him yesterday too!" Everyone but Lemmy started glancing at Gerry, seeing if he was going to speak, but he never opened his mouth.

Lemmy stopped, then the rest of them. Gerry moved a bit more forward, more into their little group, right next to Sanyu, and behind Joel. Skink just stared at Gerry, seemingly realising what an odd posture he was in, and the size of him.

"Ooga booga? Name ooga?" Skink was doing it ironically, but it looked like she was serious.

'"He's not a caveman, Skink, he's just... holy shit, his fucking feet. He's a big lad, that's it." Joel was also now looking at Gerry's height, despite being similar in size.

"Don't embarrass him! He's just a lot more healthy than the average kid... or something." Lemmy was seeming to be protecting his new friend, but Gerry wasn't phased by any of this.

"Can I ask? What's your name, how tall are you, and where do you live?"

"Skink, that last part was a bit weir-"

"Gerald." was the thing that came out of Gerry's mouth. His voice was deep, similar to Jack's (him being 16 and all). His voice was quiet too, almost a whisper, but clear. The two girls looked at him like he was an alien, but Sanyu was a bit less dramatic. Joel turned around fully, and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Well, Gerald, did I catch that? Well anyways, welcome to the cum-zone, where all the retards like us hang out." He was laughing on the inside, and smirking a bit, but Gerry couldn't give less of a shit.

"That wasn't funny!" Lemmy whined.

"It was a decent joke, shut up." Joel said, clearly not giving up on his comedic ability.

"It was a shit joke, but I think we should let him talk now. Literally the only thing he said is his name!" Skink was interested to learn about her new 'friend'.

"I don't like public speaking, or talking in general." Gerry was eager to talk to them, but wasn't sure if these people were people to trust. For example, he didn't even understand anything about what Jack was saying to Lemmy. Gerry was smart, when he was younger he had limited access to the internet, like when he was taken to the library with his father, and when he gave Gerry permission to go on his old PC and phone. But Gerry never learnt anything about homosexuality, or sex. All he knew was that boys can like girls, and girls can like boys. He also knew about kissing and other means of affection.

"I don't like talking very much either. I only do it when necessary, like at school" Sanyu had joined in on the conversation.

"Actually, on the topic of school, I have never seen you in a single class, Gerald. What year level are you in?"

Gerry's mouth went closed-zipper again. He didn't want them to pick on him. He was surprised Lemmy never brought it up yesterday, but thinking of his personality, he didn't think Lemmy would care.

"I... I do not attent school. My mother will not allow it."

"Why is that, Gerald? If you don't want to answer, please refrain, but I am curious."

"I might save that for another time."

As he said that, they walked by his house. The facade at the park had taken close to 15 minutes, and the walk there was about 10. He didn't want to be scolded by his mother, so he decided it was time to go home.

"I'm afraid I must depart for today."

"Aww... but you didn't get to meet Sannsy!" Skink seemed to be quite unhappy with him leaving after meeting him.

"She does not like being called that, like me, and I respect his wishes to go home." Sanyu didn't seem to be annoyed with him leaving, but she just wanted to know more about him.

"I do too" said Lemmy, waving goodbye as Gerry walked up the gravel path to his house. "Bye Gerald!"

"Please, refer to me as Gerry. I feel a lot more comfortable."

"Okay then, Gerry." the rest of them said together, saying their goodbyes.

As Gerry walked behind his home, the group realised how much of a shitty home he lived in. They started to feel bad, but at the same time, happy that they got a word out of him.

They all planned on giving him some time to explain himself tomorrow.

Author Notes: This story will have a sequel in the future.

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