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They Call Him Machite
They Call Him Machite

They Call Him Machite


Yes. The title of this story is correct. The alias of this man is Machite. If you have heard of Boxhead, you might know him. He wears a black tuxedo, a white shirt underneath, a little bowtie, matching pants, white sneakers, and a box. Both of the said men, incase you are confused. But this man is a bit different.

His clothes are three times as grimy as Boxhead's. His purple hair is longer, long enough to get in his eyes sometimes. He does cut it occasionally, but only the back. Instead of white shoes, they are a more yellow shade, stained from age. His counterpart is about 6'2", but this 'gentleman' is roughly seven feet.

Going back to his head, his eyes are a lot darker, but you can't tell with his box. The box is similar to his friend's one. The 'eyes' on it are slanted, and the mouth looks a little bit more sinister, with little bits here and there missing to make him look angry or aggressive. The foam bowls are the same, keeping their round shape, but the age in them is visible. The wire is similar, just missing the ball on the end.

Replacing the red axe is a machete. On his hand is a metal glove type thing. It gives off some Freddy Krueger vibes. Seemingly inspired by his iconic claws, he also looks to be inspired by Jason Vorhees, the machete on his back being the same build and size. But it's not just looks, he also walks slowly in a similar fashion.

Going back to his head, you can't tell what he looks like with that box on his head. But you also can't tell what he really looks like when you're being hacked at by a 50cm machete. They call him Machite.

Author Notes: I will begin to upload stories regularly if my basic descriptions of my characters get enough attention.

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22 Jan, 2020
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1 min
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