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Gerry Chapter 2
Gerry Chapter 2

Gerry Chapter 2

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Gerry walked in the door. His mother was gone, but only for another few minutes. She was only home today because she had a fight with some of her bitchy friends. Normally, Gerry would just sit around until his mother came home, and go to bed. But today was different. He felt like he made friends. Real ones. Not 'Thing', the giant grey monster, or 'Joe', the mammoth of a man. Those were his paper and pencil friends.

He walked to the couch that his mother told him to get off of before he left. He didn't turn the TV off, and his mother was too high to care. The same channel was on, as expected, but the show was... a bit weirder than usual. Normally he would watch anime, or any other weird shows that were on. The anime was fine, the other shows were fine (maybe just a bit lewd at times, but Gerry couldn't tell), but this was not to his liking. It reminded him of his parents' drunken rages. The man on the television was smashing down a door with an axe, similar to the one hanging on the garage wall. The man reached through a hole he had made to open the door, locked from the inside, but his hand was cut by a knife, the knife belonging to a woman on the inside.

Gerry felt... weird after seeing this, and turned the TV off. He had to walk towards it, because the remote broke long before. He switched the power off, and walked to his room. He went towards a small drawer next to his 'bed', being just a mattress on top of a wooden slab, some pillows and a small blanket. He opened the drawer and took out some paper and his pencil. This is the third one he has ever had, but he was pretty much a professional artist for his age. He walked into the living room, grabbed a stool that had not yet been broken, and sat himself on it next to the drawer. It was next to a window too, so he could see if his mum was home.

He began to scribble down little characters. He sketched out human shapes, despite him normally making creatures, not from this world. After his experience with Lemmy, Joel, Skink and Sanyu, he wanted to make them more appreciated in his mind. He had the page on landscape so he could fit them all. He left a space at the end, because he recalled Skink saying that there was another girl he didn't meet. He made Sanyu and Skink have feminine bodies, not exaggerated, but how he saw them. He made Joel have quite a masculine body, because he was the most fit out of all the boys in that group, and made Lemmy shorter than most of them. He gave Lemmy extra attention, because he was the one he was most fond of.

After about 30 minutes, he had finished half of them. By then his mother was home, but she had passed-out on the couch almost instantly, so he continued. While she was sleeping, he was searching for some stuff to use as colours. He had found a small box of coloured pencils, he had been given them by someone at the library when he was with his dad, because he spent a bit of time drawing there. Well anyway, he had finished colouring Skink, Sanyu and Joel. He wasn't sure of what to do with Lemmy, and Skink had taken awhile.

When he went back into his memory to think about Lemmy, his blue hair and pink heart he redrew on his face everyday. He then looked back at the page. Gerry realised what he had done. He had exaggerated a bit on them. He gave Joel a black tuxedo, black pants, and a tophat. He had given Skink short-shorts and some light-coloured tattoos here and there. He had given Sanyu red eyes, instead of brown, and gave her shorter, red hair. He honestly thought it suited her better. He also gave her short-shorts.

He liked this, however, he liked the idea of 'remaking' them as how he saw them. He saw them as people he could get along with, people that weren't edgy, but just themed like him. He wore dark all the time, very rarely a purple jumper and some jeans. Skink wasn't a person to wear dark, but she was the one to break up the 'emo vibes'. He decided to make Lemmy's skin blue, because it suited him, but also keep the heart. He gave him a blue suit, pants and eyes. He thought it made him look... cute, or more appealing to the eyes.

He then decided to put himself in between Joel and Sanyu. The order goes from left to right; Lemmy, Sanyu, him in the background, Joel, Skink, and then the mystery girl he didn't know. When he started drawing himself, he decided to give himself fully purple hair. The ends were black, and he gave his face a lot more of a pale shade. He decided to take that idea away, and make his entire face just white. His eyes on the drawing were purple, little squares for puples. He gave himself a similar tuxedo to Joel, as he liked the look of tuxes, but gave himself a little cape-like thing on his back. He made his shoes white, and added a big tophat, kind of like Joel's, but bigger and had yellow detailing.

Gerry took his hand off the pencil. He had to sharpen it roughly 4 times. He looked at the end of his bed, and then outside. It was dark, the time was about 7:30pm. He looked at the end of his bed because there was a cardboard box. The box was about the size of his head in width, and the size of his arm in length. He was thinking about using it for something. It didn't have any brand names on it, any barcodes or anything. He thought about what he might do, and then got his supplies.

The supplies he got were 10 very small pins, a bit of black material from a poorly-made stuffed animal he had received from the library when it was in it's 'premature' phase, and then he grabbed a kitchen knife. The way he held the knife made him look like he was going to kill someone. He held it with the edge if the blade pointing down, and the sharp side towards him. He grabbed two foam bowls that he used to eat with, some wire, and a bit of foil. He got to work.

When he had finished, he was surprised with how clean it was, as if he used scissors or some other cutting technology. He had used the knife a lot, not cutting the material because that would've been too hard, but he used it to cut the box in half, and a few necessary holes, and then had used it to somehow cut the wire. He had made two rectangular holes in the box for eyes, in a landscape fashion, and made another longer rectangle for a mouth, so he could breath a lot easier when wearing this new hat. When he had made the holes, he looked at himself in the cracked mirror laying against the wall. You could see his eyes, but his mouth was dark. It made him slightly unnerved. He used the pins to pin the material on the inside of the box, the material covering the eyes and mouth. He could see out, but he couldn't see into it. The pins were so small, the didn't reach the other side.

He had grabbed some tape that he hid from his mother from the inside of his drawer. He used that to tape a bit of wire to the top of his head. It stretched a fair bit above the box, but not too high. He then scrunched the foil into a ball, and somehow managed to tape it to the tip of the wire. He then got the two foam bowls, cut them to size, and stuck them onto the sides to mimic ears. He then put a tiny bit of wire on the ends of each. On the bottom of the box was the flaps, he cut them, but not completely. He made sure they were still there, but only a little.

He looked at himself in the mirror again, this time being proud. It was quite a surprising look, but still haunting nonetheless. He was done.

He hid the box at the end of his bed, hidden behind other plastic boxes, containers and other weird shit. After he had done this, he put everything back, as if he never touched it, and went to sleep in his bed.

It was another morning of another terrible fucking day. His mother was on the couch, still sleeping as expected. Her wake up schedules are at about 11:30am, even when she slept early. Gerry took out a new pair of pants, darker than the other, and threw the old one into a basket that him and his mother use to sort out dirty clothes. Gerry then took out his pencil and the drawing from yesterday. He didn't sit down and finish anything, he just walked out the door.

It was a Saturday morning, so school kids would probably be out. It was also 8, so he didn't expect kids to be running out their doors just yet. Gerry normally walked around early in the morning, because that's when he won't get acknowledged by other people, and he liked the morning sky, especially when it was cloudy. It wasn't cloudy today, but he just goes out whenever. And he was hoping to see his new friends.

As he was walking down the neighbourhood, he went past the park. There were kids there, but they were only two of the kids that had laughed at Lemmy, not anyone that should be to his concern. One of them noticed him, and then seemed to whisper to the other. The two of them then slowly went behind some cover, as not to be seen. Gerry had already noticed though, as he had just stood there, watching them do that. He wasn't offended, just glad they didn't nit-pick at him. He continued to walk down the path, and across several crosswalks.

As he was strolling down the path, a girl was coming up. It wasn't one that he knew, but one that looked like he should. She was blonde, had short, scruffy hair, was wearing a piece of yellow clothing that Gerry didn't know the name of, and had a yellow skirt. She had blue eyes, and extremely pale skin, a lot like Gerry's. She had similar red cheeks to Sanyu, but it wasn't the same due to her colour. She looked at Gerry quizzically, and stopped.

"Sorry to bother you, but do I know you? Sorry if I don't."

Gerry stopped then and there. He was thinking similar thoughts, but didn't say anything. He shook his head.

"Oh sorry... I thought... Lemmy gave me a weird description..."

As Gerry started to walk off, he stopped again and stared at the girl. She knew Lemmy too, and he had obviously talked about him. He was trying to remember the name Skink had said yesterday.

"I should be going now, shoul-"

"Sannsy, is what I recall." Gerry had remembered what she had said, and was seeing if he was correct with his theory.

"Uhhmm... I'll ask again. Do I know you?"

He shook his head, but said one thing.

"I know Lemmy too."

"Oh ok, do you want to meet him with me? I'm gunna join them right now. Also, what's your name?"

Gerry nodded, but didn't answer her second question. The girl just stared, and then started walking, but a bit slow as to make sure Gerry was following. He was, and tailed behind her.

"Hey, did you say your name or what? I'm confused." She had said that, but this time in a more cheerful tone. She seemed to only talk formally when first talking to him.

"Gerald" is all he said, moving beside her as to not make her uncomfortable, or incase she thought he was perving.

"Oh ok, nice name! I'm Sansori, but you can call me Sannsy. Skink is the only one that calls me that, but you called me that so you can too! I think you know her too."

Gerry said nothing. He just looked ahead, but still listened. This is the girl that Skink and Sanyu had mentioned yesterday. All three of the girls were quite short, but Skink and Sanyu were taller than Sansori, maybe because she was younger. Sanyu was the tallest, and the most mature.

"Lemmy said you don't talk, why are you talking to me? Am I special? Do you like me?"

Gerry was confused and slightly irritated that he was pretty much being forced to speak, especially since he didn't want to be rude. He didn't talk the day before yesterday because everything confused him. He was still quiet.

"You're cute, you don't talk. I think you'll fit in with my friends." She hugged Gerry, her head only reaching his chin. Gerry started shaking a bit, but then attempted to hug her back. She laughed and pulled away.

"You're funny, just like Lemmy said!"

Sansori said they had recahed their destination about 10 minutes after, that 10 minutes being filled with her doing some friendly teasing. They were at another park, but this one was just a big area of flat land, some trees for cover, and some tables you would see at a campsite. Lemmy, Joel, Sanyu and Skink were sitting at a table.


"You found Gerry!" Joel was surprised to see Gerry, but Lemmy didn't seem to notice that Gerry and Sansori had never met before this. Seeing this, Gerry was quite intimated by all these people sitting at a table that he only met a bit before, so he felt like just sitting next to a tree beside the table. He did, it was right next to lemmy.

"Good pet, hehe." Lemmy rubbed his hand on Gerry's head, not realising how uncomfortable that made Gerry and Joel. Joel just cringed.

"Don't do that, you'll make him feel like an outsider!" said Skink.

"Oh, so he does know you!" said Sansori.

"Yes, and he's funny and he's quirky and he's-"

"CUTE!" Sansori said, pretty much yelling.

"This conversation was uncalled for..." Sanyu said, also dying on the inside like Joel. Skink and Sansori were 'girly' girls, they spoke their mind, but they sure weren't bitches.

"Kill me..." Joel didn't like this. He didn't mind Gerry and his quirkiness, but he didn't like how the two girls acted.

"Pl-please do not describe me like that. It makes me feel weird..."

"IT'S CALLED BEING APPRECIATED!" Skink said. She didn't like Gerry in any specific way, just as a friend. She only met him yesterday, but she liked him a lot, along with Joel.

Skink and Sansori laughed, Gerry felt more weird, Lemmy started eating, and Sanyu was scavenging through her little backpack. Joel was just staring into the soul of a tree.

"Here." Sanyu moved over, and Joel also did to make room. Joel ended up pretty much getting Skink to sit on his leg because she wouldn't move. The other two were on the opposite side.

Gerry looked up, seeing who she was talking to. She was looking at him, patting the spot next to her. Gerry felt even more weird.

"Move your fucking arse over, or to the other side!" Joel was getting pissed.

"Why?" Skink said, clealry unhappy.


"Because she loves you!" Lemmy was laughing.

"No! I don't! He's just cute like Gerry!"

"God, please end my life. My suffering needs to come to an end."

"Joel, move here." Lemmy moved closer to Sansori, and Joel agreed to this. Gerry moved next to Sanyu after Joel moved, because Sanyu moved over a bit more. She then took out her food, like everyone else. Except Gerry.

"Gerry, do you have any food? Want me to get you something?" Lemmy asked Gerry this, realising that he wasn't planned to come at this moment. Gerry peered at him, then put his head in his arms and looked towards the tree Joel was studying. Lemmy took that as a no for the first question, but a maybe for the other.

"I will, because you're my friend." Lemmy sounded confident, and sounded like he wanted everyone in a 40 metre radius to hear. He dug into a small black bag, and took out a slice of bread and other components.

"Shit, you do everything yourself, huh." Joel said.

"What do you mean?"

"You didn't get your mum to make you a sandwich like me. I'm a baby, but at least mum does it at home."

"No! What if I change my mind for what I want in it! Idiot!"

"The fuck? Okay then, buddy, you do you."

Gerry looked at what he pulled out, and studied it all. He didn't know what half of it was. Not as in jars of stuff, as in he didn't know what lettuce was, or cheese. Only the bread and the tiny butter packet. He took a bit of bread and ate it fast.

"Nice, I like your sandwich taste. Liked it so much you ate it in 10 fucking seconds."

"It was bread, Joel!"

"Wow, no fucking shit, Sherlock."

"Meany." Lemmy didn't really 100% understand sarcasm, but he also didn't understand many jokes either. He was such an innocent child.

As Gerry was looking into the distance, he felt Sanyu move over a bit more. He didn't care, but then-

"POW!" Sansori and Skink scared the shit out of him, as well as hugged him.

"See! He's funny when I do that!" Gerry had both of his arms unusable, and his back was positioned a lot straighter than it usually is. He froze, scared and confused.

"I think you might be making him unco-"

"Look at him! He's adorable if you show him appreciation!" Sanyu was cut off by Sansori. She was trying to show Skink what he did when she first hugged him. Gerry didn't like this, his eyes were red, and a tear fell down his cheek.

"He's proper fucking scared, get off him now." Joel said, seeing his face.

"But he- oh..." Skink also saw his expression, getting off him, along with Sansori. Gerry started tearing up a bit more, but he soon got over it. It just surprised him because he never got that affection since his father died. As he wiped his eyes and went back to normal, he noticed that Sanyu was a bit closer, and Sansori was standing next to where Skink was sitting, rubbing her back. Skink was crying.

Skink looked up at Gerry, red faced.

"I'm sorry." She looked back down and started repeating herself.

"I'm sorry Gerry, I'm really sorry. I'm sorry." Gerry began not to care about what just happened, and began to feel worse that him being surprised made someone sad. He got up and walked around to her. Sansori moved, and Gerry bent to her level.

"It's ok. I'm just not used to people like you. You just wanted to make someone happy, but the person affected wasn't the right person. Everyone makes mistakes." After he had said that, everyone but Skink and Sanyu were surprised to hear him say so much without a 15 minute pause.

"No, I don't want to make you sad again..." She started crying again.

"I'm not going to enjoy myself at all until this problem is sorted. I accept your apology." Gerry was trying really hard not to sound overconfident, but also not lazy and if he didn't care.

"I should be sorry. I overreacted." She looked back up at him. She didn't know such a quiet boy could talk so much within 10 seconds. She lifted her head up and hugged him once more, but without the restraining.

"You're cute when you're sorry. Just like Joel."


About 10 minutes after, everything was normal. Gerry was sitting back down, next to Sanyu, and he was staring at the tree. Gerry had eaten another bit of bread, but that's about it. Afer a bit, Gerry felt someone watching him. He looked at the bushes, thinking it was Jack, or someone else that didn't like them. He then looked to his left. It was Sanyu. She looked away.

"I'm sorry, I was thinking."

Gerry just stared at her, like she did to him. Not as 'revenge' or anything, just because now he was thinking.

"What does faggot mean?" Gerry had whispered to her. She looked at him. She smiled.

"How innocent are you? Do you know what sex is?" She didn't think he was serious.

"I am not guilty of any crimes. What are you talking about?" Sanyu then put on a serious expression again.

"You know what a hug is, so you know that. Basic stuff. You must not have been taught. You don't attend school too, so that does explain something."

"Yes, I know means of affection. I know sex is something along those lines, but I have never been taught what it means." Gerry was now engaged in this conversation, not knowing what a weird subject it was.

"You know how to read, correct?"

"Yes, I am fluent in reading English and Russian." This surprised Sanyu. A boy that doesn't attend school, but can read, knows Russian, talks in a very 'intellegent' fashion, but is yet to learn about the birds and the bees.

"Wow, I might lend you a book then. Don't worry if it tears, I can get a new one." She added the last part because she knew everything in his house would likely break at some point. Gerry also caught onto this, but knew that they've all seen the front of his house, and he knew that it wasn't normal.

"Thank you Sanyu, I appreciate that. I'm guessing you don't have it here, so I'll wait."

"It's quite alright. But I can call my mum right now to pick me up, and then I can come back." Sanyu was eager to let Gerry learn about this, maybe just because she didn't want him asking anyone else, especially Lemmy. But Gerry knew not to ask Lemmy, since it seemed to offend him when it was said to him. But Gerry didn't want to make her do something she didn't want to, so he just shook his head.

"Maybe later. We walk past my house first when we leave, anyway. And we do know your address."

Maybe an hour after, everyone got up but Gerry. Gerry kept peering at and editing the picture he brought with him. He was trying to add Sansori. He didn't have colours with him, so he did a basic sketch. It was Sansori with her scruffy hair, and 'trendy' clothes. But then Gerry started looking at the faces he gave them. All of them were... happy. He edited them. He gave Sansori an overly joyful face, Joel an 'Okay, this is fine' expression, Sanyu with her serious face, and Skink with her content face. He kept Lemmy the same, just his overjoyed face whenever he sees Gerry. He seems to really like him. Gerry liked him back, he never picked at him, but neither did the others. The others just made him feel like they don't mind him.

He got to his own face. It was a smirk. Gerry didn't like it. He never really smiles. He just changed his mouth. He was editing his mouth when everyone got up. He looked up for the first time and realised Sanyu was looking over his shoulder, kind of like when she was thinking.

"Is that... Gerry, you are quite the artist."

Gerry felt weird again. The feeling he had when they were 'complimenting' him. He continued with sketching his mouth.

"I like how you made me look."

"Y-You realised what I drew. Uhmm..."

"It's obvious. In a good way. That's Lemmy right there, that's Joel, and that's obviously Skink." She pointed at all of them, apart from Sansori.

"And what is that in the back there?" She then pointed at the 'Gerry' that he made.

"That is my depiction if me. Well, if I had the materials, I could look like that."

"It does suit you, I will admit."

"Wh-What? What do you mean..."

"When Skink said what she did, I will admit it is partly true. Not the Joel part. Not to make you uncomfortable or anything." That did make Gerry uncomfortable. Sure, Sanyu was nice towards him. But a person like her saying that only the second day after meeting was a but weird.

"Aww, thats cute!" It was Skink. She had noticed that the two of them were looking at something. Gerry looked up. Everyone had walked over. He decided to just put it on the table and put his head in his arms. Thinking about the picture again he realised something.

"Aww, Joel! You and Gerry look the nearly the same!" He had realised that him and Joel looked so similar. He was embarrassed, because he didn't want Joel to think that he thinks they're best friends, by making their clothes the same.

"Epic, I got better clothes in that than I do in real life. Also he probably just gave me a spair. That boy rich." He started laughing to himself. He seemed to make light out of it.

Gerry liked his new friends.

Author Notes: More parts will come soon.

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