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It was a very frosty, mid-winters morning. High up in the Cairngorms, a pair of twin cave explorers called Tom and Jerry went through an opening in a hillside. Once inside the hill, they turned on their self-generating lamps and began to make their way down through a cave system. The cave system was a very extensive one and went down some way. Tom and Jerry had been in so many cave systems like it, but they had no idea what lay further down.

At some depth, the explorers made their way through a system of very large caverns – caverns with great crystals growing in them. Those crystals were no small ones, far from it. The largest ones were up to two hundred feet in length. Never had Tom and Jerry seen anything like it, but there was still more to come.

Beyond the crystal caverns, there was a series of massive glow worm caverns. The caverns were luminous bright green and big enough to fit large villages inside.

Tom and Jerry were totally inspired by it all, but it was just the beginning. They had only just scratched the surface of the unknown.

At one point, the explorers found themselves entering a super-sized cavern, all lit up by some kind of mysterious pale greyish blue lighting. In length it was four miles, in width three miles and over a mile in height. At one end there were two gigantic pale greyish blue passages branching off into the unknown and a third one at the other end. Not only that, but there were mega crystals, reaching lengths of over a thousand feet. Furthermore, Tom and Jerry weren’t even on the floor of the cavern. They were halfway up the side on a ledge, which meant that the sheer enormity of the place was in plain view. It totally stupefied them.

The adventurers were about to turn back, when they saw an object of some sort heading their way. As it neared, they were able to make out what it was – a triangular vehicle with an unknown being inside.

When the vehicle reached the ledge, a tall man got out. He had long hair, a falcon-like face, a suit, a pair of tall boots and a waist length cape. The colours of his features were unknown because his entire form was totally bathed in the light of the cavern.

First of all the man made it known to Tom and Jerry that he wasn’t going to harm them and that his name was Perseus. He then went on to say that he was a descendant of the lost continent of Lemuria and that he was going to take them to his underground city.

Perseus got in the front seat of the vehicle while Tom and Jerry got in the back two. He then placed his hand on a crystal and the vehicle shot off down through a series of vast pale greyish blue passages and caverns.

Along the way, Perseus explained to the adventurers that the cavern system spread out beneath the entire surface of the Earth and hundreds of miles down to a peaceful realm at the Earth’s centre, called Agartha.

After travelling over sixty miles the vehicle entered a cavern, which surpassed any other so far in size. It was over fifteen miles across in all directions, four miles high and several mighty luminous passages branched off into the unknown.

The cavern was far greater than any, which Tom and Jerry had been in and not just because of its size. It so happened that there was vegetation in the cavern – trees especially, along with scattered lakes and hundreds of enormous crystal clusters. Right at the centre of the cavern, there was what appeared to be a shimmering settlement.

Not only that, but there was life there, yes life. Birds of prey, including eagles were flying about and Pterodactyls too. Down below there were other life forms, which were unmistakeably more live dinosaurs.

What was more, the light in the cavern was paler than daylight. The source of the light was emanating from a luminous orb positioned two miles directly above the city centre.

Perseus told Tom and Jerry that the settlement was his home city Talos. He descended and flew the vehicle around the settlement, which was over two miles across and made of multicoloured crystal. The main buildings were domes, pyramids and many other kinds. Some were shaped like salt and pepper pots, some like thimbles, some like bedposts and others like gherkins. On the outskirts, there were thousands of much smaller buildings shaped like the pointed ends of eggs all spaced out with areas of grass, vegetation, allotments, gardens and ponds between.

Furthermore, there were many other hover vehicles of all different shapes flying about, each with two to six people inside. There were many people on the outskirts. Children were playing, while the adults were walking about, going in and out of buildings, picking fruit from trees, drawing water from wells and attending their allotments. There were many cats and dogs too.

Perseus flew the vehicle even lower and headed into the main part of the city, which was quite busy. There were thousands of people, all with very long golden hair, eagle-like faces and wearing technicoloured clothing including robes and dresses.

As for Perseus, he was dressed all in brass.

They were walking through the streets, going in and out of buildings through large triangular openings, sitting on fountain edges and going about in hover vehicles, which levitated six inches above the ground. Many of them had dogs and there were countless doves and pigeons all over the place.

Finally, Perseus stopped outside a large round building with a domed roof. He got out with Tom and Jerry and approached the building, which was seventy feet across and forty feet high. He led the adventurers inside the building through a pair of sliding crystal doors.

The interior of the building was embedded with thousands of luminous emerald-coloured gems, which created a mystical, pastel hue. Twelve multicoloured fountains formed a ring around a circular platform with a flight of steps leading up onto it. On top of the platform, there were twelve people seated on magnificent crystal chairs around a circular crystal table.

As they went up onto the platform, Tom and Jerry saw that six of them were men and six women. Ten of them were clad in silver robes and two in gold ones.

The people greeted the surface dwellers and introduced themselves one by one. It turned out that they were all named after the twelve Gods and Goddesses of Greece. Zeus and Hera were the ones dressed in gold. It so happened that Hercules was the Son of Zeus and Hera.

Zeus explained to Tom and Jerry that he and the rest of the people at the table were members of the city Council. The Council was a very peaceful one, which made sure that all the city inhabitants were treated fairly in every way and well provided for. Equal rights were one of the major matters, which is why there were six men and six women on the Council.

Zeus then went on to explain that the city inhabitants happened to be descendants of the continent of Lemuria, which went beneath the waves of the Pacific twelve thousand years ago – due to a whole chain of devastating events, caused by a shower of gigantic meteorites.

He explained what became of all the inhabitants. All the primitive tribes went down with Lemuria, simply because they believed that the Gods were angry and wished to punish them. The more advanced ones chose either to perish, or travel to places like Greece, Egypt and South America to continue with things as they had been on Lemuria. The survivors of one civilization fled underground and multiplied. Due to the increasing number of inhabitants, over a hundred crystal cities, including Talos were built.

Zeus then went on to explain that the people flew to other cities and to the subterranean world of Agartha in high-speed vehicles – reaching up to a thousand miles per hour.

Finally, he went into detail about the city and the surrounding areas and that Perseus, who happened to serve the Council was going to give the adventurers a tour. With that, Tom and Jerry exchanged farewell with the Council and left the building with Perseus.

After visiting the Council, the adventurers were guided around the city. They were taken to a gymnasium, an art gallery, a holographic library where all the knowledge of Lemuria was recorded, a school where children were studying holograms instead of textbooks, a play area for children, a place for breeding pets, a place where people were born, manufacturing places where things were either produced by hand or by robots, a swimming pool, a temple of higher knowledge, a place for eating and drinking, a museum and a holographic theatre. While at the theatre, they saw a holographic play about the destruction of Lemuria. Every building was lit up in the same way as the Council chamber.

The only building, which the adventurers didn’t visit was a pale green pyramid in the city centre – the reason being that it was a mighty generator, which powered every crystal in the city.

Furthermore, Perseus explained that the luminous sphere above the pyramid was a miniature Sun, which the ancestors of the city inhabitants had created, by the use of some form of super technology.

After visiting the main part of the city, Tom and Jerry were taken for a tour of the suburbs. While there, they ate some fruit from one of the trees. Life was just so calm and peaceful there.

When the tour of the city was over, the surface dwellers were led out into the surrounding areas. While there, they visited woodland, lakes, parks, formal gardens and open grassland areas. Life was bountiful in all those places.

In the woodland areas, there were familiar life forms, such as foxes, badgers and squirrels, but there were thousands of small Raptors too. The lakes were inhabited by frogs, toads, fish and small water serpents. Thousands of ducks, geese and swans were swimming on the lakes. The gardens were inhabited by small birds and insects like butterflies, dragonflies, bees and ladybirds. There were more squirrels and birds in the parks, along with unknown kinds of small dinosaur species and people. As for the grassland areas, they were home to larger dinosaurs. There were Stegosaurs, Brachiosaurs, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Deinonychus, larger Raptors and Diplodocus.

The strange thing was that none of the carnivorous species were eating flesh. Instead, they were feeding off large mushrooms. Perseus explained to Tom and Jerry that all life forms lived peacefully in the cavern.

After seeing a fair amount of the surrounding areas, Tom and Jerry were taken back to the main part of the city. But they weren’t taken back to the Council. Instead, they were taken to a large round building with a domed roof. Perseus touched a crystal in the wall and a pair of sliding doors parted – allowing everyone to enter.

The interior of the building was all lit up like every other building. All around the edge, there were dozens of crystal arches. Perseus explained that they were all interdimensional portals, leading to many realities – parallel dimensions, other planets, different time zones all that kind of thing.

Perseus led Tom and Jerry over to one of the arches and told them that it was a portal to the surface world. It was all very clear to the adventurers what that meant. Their adventure was over. The pair of them exchanged farewells with Perseus who told them to stand beneath the arch one at a time. Tom stood beneath the arch first and disappeared in a flash of white light. Jerry did the same.

Tom and Jerry found themselves right back outside the hillside opening in the Cairngorms. But the strangest thing was, they had no recollection of their adventure.

Author Notes: This story is a rewrite one of my previous stories (DESCENDANTS OF THE LOST ATLANTIS) I’ve changed the names of a few of the characters and based it on the lost continent of Lemuria instead.

I have researched Lemuria extremely thoroughly. The continent really did exist and the survivors of its demise live in underground caverns in settlements. Inside Mount Shasta there is a city called Telos – the first underground Lemurian settlement built. There’s so much folklore based on that.

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