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Descriptive Writing
Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing


The glistening white powder coats the once to be luscious green grass. The trees are skyscrapers, towering above lightly glowing in the sunlight. Even though the coldness is numbing the day, there is a sensation of warmth that seeps through the snow. The gentle, crisp atmosphere sets a visionary haze that forces an invigorating chill throughout the spinal cord. The occasional sound of lanky tree limbs breaking and animals scurrying away, echoes throughout the silent area. A lonely black feathered beauty hovering high above, its eyes moving quick. The bitter breeze caresses rosy cheeks. Deeper within, it’s almost as if the earth itself is inhaling the ground in a vertical line, a low dip slopes to meet each other. Branches reach out, longing for a touch of spring. Breathing in snowflakes, each one leaving a cold burning sensation in the throat. Each step further in, the crunch of the snowfall from almost frozen toes. The sparkling soft snow shelters the earth’s ground like a child with a blanket. Water droplets from frozen snow softly drips down tree trunks. The distant smell of pine flows like a river throughout the air. The sun gently shines down, warming and lighting earth for just a split second, before it glides away. Heart beating fast with the thrill of experience.

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26 Jul, 2016
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1 min
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