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Desmond Doss
Desmond Doss

Desmond Doss

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Many have probably heard of the WWII hero who refused a weapon, but some have never heard till the movie Hacksaw Ridge in 2016. Instead of doing this documentary where many people wouldn't watch, the director took time and for many years has been working on making his story where all would watch. You will read about his achievements, but not all about his life. If you want to read about his life in more detail visit:

Desmond Doss took God's 6th and 4th commandments to heart. According to Hacksaw Ridge, he felt he disgraced god by fighting with his brother and only enlisted because his brother did. Instead of living a quiet life with his soon to be wife, Dorthy. She woke up the spark in him of becoming a medic, though he could never afford the school. When he enlisted he carried her bible and pictures everywhere.

No one would've guessed this skinny kid from Virginia would survive a war without a weapon. When he first arrived at the rifle company he wasn't liked by his platoon, and they threatened him. Sergeant Howell, the higher ranking officer in charge of him, wanted him gone, but that never stopped him. After being harassed by his peers Private Doss refused to voluntarily leave. "While everybody is taking the life I'm gonna be saving it," he said to his commanding officer. He was there to save lives, which is why he wanted to be a medic, to begin with. He wasn't supposed to be departed into a rifle company, to begin with, but he was, and he had to go through hell before getting out. He went to court for disobeying a commanding officer's order to pick up a rifle, which meant he couldn't attend his wedding. After sitting in jail, and his father risking prison, he was released from his cell. He started his medical training and got married soon after release.

When his platoon was sent into Okinawa in WWII, they were frightened. They watched as piles of dead bodies came through on Humvees. That was only the start though. After making it to what they called Hacksaw Ridge a navy ship fired overhead. That was their cover to initiate the attack, which was easily survivable underground. He had to remove all markings that said he was a medic to prevent being a target. The moment they got a plan for attacking the bunkers they went up the rope net onto the ridge. As time went on and people shot Private Desmond Doss was running through the fire and saving lives. Even those that the other medics said wouldn't last a day. He put his life before others, and then something happened. They took the bunker and decided to rest the night in holes on the ridge. This is where his heroics show the most.

That morning the Japanese charged against them. Their attack was unexpected, causing many casualties. They called a retreat and fought their way back down the ridge, but Private Doss stayed behind after hearing a cry for help. While he still had cover from the Navy's fire he rushed into action. He gave morphine and tourniquets to him. He repeated this for many hours. When his cover fire stopped he was in grave danger, but he never turned his back on those wounded. When nightfall fell he was still bringing bodies down to the men below. He collapsed many times, but then said, " One more lord, help me get one more," and gained the courage to get another. This continued till he rescued over 75 people, including enemy Japanese soldiers. After being chased off the ridge after 24 hours he could finally rest.

That night his Commanding Officer apologized and thanked him for his courage. The men had to go up once again the next day and refused to go up without Private Doss. Though he was a 7 Day Adventist, and they were going up on Saturday, he did a prayer and went on the ridge. This was his last battle because he suffered from a grenade after a false surrender. He was awarded many medals and thanks for his 4-year service. Before leaving the service he was given the name of Corporal Doss instead of Private Doss because of the heroics he showed on the battlefield.

Author Notes: I chose to write about this hero for my class. Turned out well I think :)
Thank you for reading!

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2 Oct, 2019
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