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Duck Detective and the Shell Thief
Duck Detective and the Shell Thief

Duck Detective and the Shell Thief

BeowulfAnthony E

Duck Detective was called

Was called to quack the case

Turtle's shell was stolen

There was no time for haste

Duck Detective started his search

He used a magnifying glass

He looked for any clues and asked

Where did you see your shell last?

Well when I went for a bath

I left my shell on my bed

And when I dried off

It was gone, Turtle said

Duck Detective looked in and out

Looked for any clues as well

He saw scratch marks on Turtle's bed

Maybe Bear came in and took Turtle's shell

Duck Detective went to Bear's cave

Bear was slurping his soup

Was that soup in Turtle's shell

Duck Detective began to snoop

"Marvelous soup you have there"

Duck Detective said,

Bear never liked having company

And didn't turn his head

Ahh ha that's Turtle's

"Bear, you are the thief and I know

Bear put his soup on Ducks head

This is not a shell it's my Granny's soup bowl

Duck Detective thought about the case

And that there were snake marks on Turtle's floor

Walked to snakes hole in the ground

And knocked at snake's wooden door

Snake was having band practice

Snake played the drums and sang

Duck Detective walked in and looked

Was there a robber? A thief? A gang?

Duck Detective looked closer at the drum

It was brown and green on the top

It sure sounded like a turtle shell

He listened to snake tippity tap, and bop

Snake, stand away from that turtle drum

Duck thought he found the missing shell

Put those drumsticks down

You're going to animal jail

Snake hissed and put his drumsticks down

Duck Detective you are wrong

My drum is made of a hollow log

The band stopped playing their song

Yes Duck Detective was wrong again

But he remembered there was a yellow feather

It was next to Turtle's bed

Maybe this clue would be better

Duck Detective went to see the Cuckoo Bird

Who had plenty of yellow feathers on her back

Could she have taken Turtle's shell

And used it without giving it back

Cuckoo lived down by the pond

Her yellow feathers blew in the breeze

Cuckoo is that you Duck said

And saw the shell right at his knees

Ah ha I found the shell and the thief

I figured it out, I did the math

Duck looked inside the shell

And saw his baby ducks taking a bath

Turtle looked in with a towel around his belly

Duck Detective you are the thief

Duck said, I'm sorry I forgot I borrowed your shell

All of the animals were in disbelief

Duck Detective returned Turtle's shell

Having his shell back gave Turtle a thrill

Turtle said I will need to have my outer shell cleaned

Duck Detective said, "OK just put it on my bill."

The End....

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About The Author
Anthony E
About This Story
22 Jan, 2023
Read Time
2 mins
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