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Detective Party

Detective Party

By BritneyGoldy - 1 Review

Since i'm Sherlock's cat I get to see lots of crime scenes. And since Sherlock's a detective he gets to solve them. Tonight we were invited to a detective party. Detetcive Connor H. and Connor R. was at the detective party. They haven't even solved one case..Yeah I don't really know why their at this party...Me and Sherlock think the grifters Cayla and Sacha are at the detective party. Grifters are like actors or actresses. Very smart. And always have a leader. Their leader was a girl named Jordan.Jordan practically owned Cayla and Sacha. I managed to steal Sacha's cheap Dollar General phone. He had a lot of texts from someone named Moreau. Which was really Avry trying to act like a terrorist or something.. Anyways Cayla is smart. Yeah i'll give her that...But not smart enough. She didn't hide her identity good enough. So Cayla, Sacha, and Jordan got live in prison because they TPed the President's house and stoll a dollar from a homeless man. The ratchet cop Cason threw them on the back of his purple scooter and drove off. Meanwhile Eli escaped from his Asylum and ran off into the woods. The ratchet cop Cason never caught him. The end.

Author Notes: More stories coming soon

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11 Nov, 2014
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