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Diary Entry One
Diary Entry One

Diary Entry One



Hello! I'm Kira. Today is the 6th of March, and I'm super excited. In four more days my friend and I are going to an NCT 127 concert in Texas. I'm so happy that I get to see my favorite boys in the world. Especially my babies Mark and Haechan.

Though unfortunately we sit in the back row... But I'm just happy we even get to go because we've actually been trying to go to a kpop concert for over a year, and this has been the only successful attempt. Maybe after this concert I'll start my own concert savings jar so I can be prepared for the next concert we try to go to. Maybe then I'll be able to afford everything on the spot.

Currently I have mad city stuck in my head. That and Lips & Hips. And for the past three days I've had some song stuck in my head that I don't even know the title to. All I know is it goes, "Binger banger binger banger oh my god!" and then starts going in Korean. I've narrowed it down to a possible NCT or Seventeen song, but at this point I'm starting to think it was some random kpop group song that played on my spotify. Which if that's the case it means I'll never find them, because half the time my spotify plays groups that I'm not super into. Like SF9 or Day6. Though this is good because it helps me find more amazing groups, it's bad in this specific situation. I'm starting to think I'll never get the song out of my head.

I'm super stressed about school right now because my teacher gave us two partnered projects to do that are due next Friday. Well one of them is due next Tuesday. What's frustrating is we haven't had ANY class time to work on them and she expects us to do them at home. How am I supposed to do that when my friend isn't allowed over to my house this week or next week?

One is a stupid video project, which I just simply am not doing. I don't care about the zero, I'm not doing it. It's English class, not video and film. I'm wayyyy too uncomfortable to be doing a video. It just takes my uncomfort level WAY past its limit. I can present, but not do a video. I'll send a script in at best. The other one me and my friend are going to do in the truck on the way to Texas cause it's actually a fun project! We get to rewrite Snow White and the seven dwarfs! Only in this spin off, BTS are now the seven dwarfs! We actually plan to even put in the video of them dressed as SW&TSD because we don't think our teachers know that they've actually done that.

I also have a project due today in my history class. It's a slide presentation about Sweden. I finished it yesterday though, so today I get free time on the computers to do what ever I want in his class. I'm gonna listen to HyunA!

Anyways, I suppose thats all for me to talk about. No drama yet... Until next time!~

Author Notes: Idk man

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6 Mar, 2020
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