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A Diary

A Diary

By Jujubear - 1 Review

I was in middle school and I had lots of friends. I was god in athletics and everyone liked me.I was friends with almost everybody, who was an extrovert or a "cool kid". I had a crush who wasn't an extrovert so I didn't really know her. I did know that she was smart, pretty and I always caugth myself stairing at her. I dont know what class she had second period but I know what she had third period. I walked passed her every time I went to third period. The hallway was always crowded with people leaving and only two people max could walk on the other side.

If you were walking on the other side, you had to look up to make sure you weren't going to crash into anything. Whenever I was walking, I would lance up and see her trying to get through without getting squished. She would look rigth at me, but only fo a second. I think she liked me, but I never knew for sure.

In eigth grade, she wasn't as shy but she still didn't talk to any boys. She and her friend were talking about dating and I was sitting rigth in front of her. I could here everything they said. Apperently, she wasn't allowed to date until high school. I could save myself from emmbarasment if she did not like me back.

In high school, I made it my goal to become friends. Maybe even more than friends. It was ninth grade and she still wasn't allowed to date until next year. During the time period of seventh-ninth grade, I had a few girlfriends, but none of the relationships were serious. I migth say that I like them, but I really only ever liked her.

Anyways, in high school, I had no classes with her. I had one of the same classes but they were different periods. She had it second and I had it third. I was able to ask her everyday what we were doing in that class. The first month she replied shyly, but grew more confident of herself as time went on. When second semester came and it was time to change classes, I got a class with her. Lucky for me, I got placed rigth next to her in that class. We were in groups of three and I sat next to her, but in front of me was my best friend, Cameron. I talked with him more, because she never talked to me unless I asked her something.

We switched seats in that class two weeks lated and I was sitting in the table group behind her. She sat next to her friend. One day, she announced that she was allowed to date. I wasn't able to accomplish my goal of being her friend, but I could still ask her.

Prom was coming up and I thought it was the perfect way to ask her. I walked up to her and asked her, but she said no because she wasn't allowed to go to dancess or other stuff. She also added that she had band that nigth.

A few weeks later, someone asked her if they could be together and she said yes. I was so mad. They were serious about there relationship and were able to keeo it for two years.

She was single in senior year but I managed to become friends with her. There were only about four weeks left of school and I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend. It was lunch and I was ready to go up to her. She was talking to another guy and then she squeled and hugged him. Then, her foot popped.

Like I mentioned, she was smart. She got accepted into many universities. Sh decided to do one that was close so she could still stay with her family. I also got that university and stayed for the went there for that same reason. We were good friends and went out together with other friends. Remember that guy that she hugged at lunch? He also got into that school and they were dating. Two years later they got married. I was at there wedding and fourteen years later, she died in a car crash.

At the feuneral, her mother gave me some of the things she kept. One was a diary that she kept. I read it but one thing caugth my eye. Every time she mention my name, she drew a heart over the 'i'. She never did that to any other 'i' anywhere. On the last pae it read "My crush... Thats a secret, only for Patrck to hear, my crush."

This journal was from senior year. Some pages read that she never really loved her boyfriend because she had a crush on me. She slowly forgot about me, but that was probably because I was trying to avoud how much they loved eachother.

"My crush..." Those words stuck with me.

"I Love you to... D*r*.

Author Notes: Also, this is not Julia writing. This is her brother, Patrick. * stands for missing letters.

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15 May, 2019
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