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By Bitter

Cassie marched towards me with a malicious look on her face.
"What are YOU doing, freak?" She shot.
I looked up from my book and adjusted my shirt before answering.
"Sitting. What does it look like?" I responded.
"Not here you're not." Cassie replied before pushing the back of my chair foward, sending me flying.
"What the hell?" I exclaimed as I hit the floor in a crumpled heap. I heard a sickening crunch as my arm collided with the floor, bending in an unnatural direction.
"Ow you-" I spat out before the pain from the break caught up with me.
The pain in my arm was agonizing. I had never broken a bone in my entire life, this was awful.
"Oops, did I break your little arm, freak?" Cassie giggled.
Cassie screamed and I turned my head to see a small pool of vomit right by my head.

"Well Autumn, your arm is fractured in three different parts. What on earth happened?" Dr. Rowan asked.
"I slipped," I lied. There was no point making Cassie hate me more. "I was walking to class and I slipped."
"Well," He said to my mom, "Make her stay home for two or three days to rest up, then back to school."
Back to school. Back to Cassie.

Three days later, I returned to school. The first person I saw was Cassie, gossiping with her friends. She saw me, flipped her long brown hair and sauntered toward me. Her friends followed. One of them fished through her bag as she came towards me.
"Oh, hey Autumn. I'm totes sorry about breaking your arm. Now you're even more of a freak." She cackled.
The one girl fishing through her bag finally got what she was looking for and pulled out a thick, black-felt marker. She handed it to Cassie.
"Can we sign your cast?" She asked. I could see that nothing good could come from this.
"Sure Cassie! I would love for you to sign my cast, but can you even spell your own name?" I rudely replied. The girl broke my arm, so I had a bone to pick.
Cassies expresion turned dark. "I tried being nice Autumn." She said.
"Girls, grab her arms." She added as they dragged me to the nearest girls bathroom.

I got home from detention for being late for class, and I headed straight for my room.
I examined my cast. The word "FREAK" was written on every inche of the plaster. Great, I only have this on for another 3 months.
Sooner or later my parents are going to see this and ask who did it to me. I can't think of an excuse to cover this. I looked at the small amount of exposed skin on my arm. It was pale, almost blue, and looked as if some parts had scales.

School the next day was tough. I was cornered again in the bathroom by the Cassie Cult, who thought it would be fun to write 'FREAK' on my forhead. This was too much.
"Cassie, sorry for bursting your 'Disney' bubble, but, I don't really want your handwriting on my skin. No, I don't want anything of yours on my skin." I said sarcastically.
"Girls, grab the freak's arms." Cassie ordered.
As the girl's arms reached for mine, my un-injured arm lashed out and caught a blonde friend of Cassie's face with superhuman strength, knocking the glasses off of her face. The girl yelped and held her nose.
The girls backed off as Cassie yelled, "What are you doing, freak?"
She lunged at me and I dodged away, but not before she got hold of my cast, and yanked upward. I bellowed in pain and fell to the floor. Once again, I violently puked at the feet of the girl whose nose I'd presumebly broken.
The girls fled the bathroom. Behind them was the girl with the broken nose. She scowled at me and left.

In my bedroom, I sat on my bed. I examined my arms. Both of my fingers now had long, jagged claws. Now all the skin on my injured arm was pale blue and some parts red, like blood. My other arm was now becoming blue/red. I picked up a swimming trophy froma few years ago, and crushed it with my hand. Then, the cast on my arm slowly cracked in half as if an invisible saw was cutting through it. The shell fell off, revealing soft skin underneath. There were sores all over my skin squirting pus and blood down my arm; some sores the size of a dime, others the size of a baseball.
Suddenly, my arm convulsed. whipping upward and slashed the claws across my face.
Red streaks of blood ran down my face and I passed out.

The next day I cornered Cassie in the bathroom.
"What do you want freak? Do you want me to tape you to a toilet again like last month?" She teased.
I smiled without humour. I rolled up my sleeves and revealed the clawed, bloody hand, then to the rest of the blue, pusy arm.
Cassie shrieked.
She didn't stand a chance.

The police were called to the school that day. They found a girl in the bathroom, barely alive. She had deep scratches up and down her body, and several abnormally large sores covering most of her torso, arms, and legs. The girls legs were broken.
The part that puzzles the police, is that the word 'FREAK' was scrathed into the victim's forhead.

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About This Story
25 Jun, 2011
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4 mins
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