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Dis Who I Really Is
Dis Who I Really Is

Dis Who I Really Is

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Some info bout me:

I am bisexual and support LGBTQ+


I have more guy friends than girl friends

I only have a few friends in real life, but in game(Avakin Life) I have about 10-15 I mainly talk to and interact with

*Whispers* I am a human pillow >.>

I used to have two online brothers, but i got into a fight with one about something and we stopped talking

My in game brother is a psychopath .-.

I am a very likable person

I support people and help then through emotional times

I wear black a lot

I got a German Shepard for my birthday

My birthday is May 15th

My favorite anime is My Hero Acadamia

I wanna be an author

I have a scar on my left eyebrow, a scar under my left eye, and a scar healing on my left cheek. When I was 3-4 I was petting a dog and it bit my eye brow and cut right under my eye. Four weeks ago a dog got super excited when I went to pet it and it jumped up and cut a gash into my cheek (srry if TMI)

I am color blind and have anxiety (if I have anxiety attacks it's usually about me missing my younger brother, and usually I can calm down if I'm alone)

I don't trust people really fast unless I can tell they are good people (still don't trust my history teacher)

My favorite language to speak is Russian

I love learning about Greek mytholigy and Greek Gods.

I hate all my younger siblings besides my sis and youngest brother

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13 May, 2021
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